Sunday, March 11, 2012

Favorite Product of the Week...

I'm not sure that this little thing is actually going to be THE favorite product of my week.... it is only Sunday after all and the week is just beginning...
but right now this is IT!!

What is it??
It's a dpn holder! A very simple two cap thingy that's attached to with a bit of elastic! Wow.  The caps go on the dpn's at each end of the knitting and the elastic stretches to the other side! This way when I throw my knitting into my bag, the dpn's won't wiggle themselves out of my knitting! Whoop!! 

See the little black caps at each end of my knitting?  A stretchy bit of elastic keeps the caps in place!

Dang I seriously wish I would have thought of this before.  I normally just wrap my yarn around each of my dpn's and hope like heck it would all stay together - which it usually didn't.  I can't believe I bought this way back before Christmas (yeah.. a little hard to believe that I (me) would buy a knitting gadget at any time I know...) and didn't even use it!!

Now I don't think I have to worry!! 
 2 little end caps and one little piece of elastic, that's all there is to it!
This one fits 7 inch needles sizes 0-3. I just happen to have it on size 3's. It's called the... insert drum roll here because it's pretty original and not very descriptive...
STRETCHY Needle Keeper..
(This one was $4.99 less military discount at Yarn Cloud)
Yep.. endorsing products now I know... sorry! BUT it's super fabulous and you gotta get one!
 Or get two!!  I have the one for the next sizes up as well!! 2 little red caps on that baby!
I'm sure I could craft one of these up using my very crafty brain... but gadgets are so cool aren't they??


  1. The gadgets & notions sections are always my favorite in the craft stores!

    1. me too!!! Thanks for commenting on here! I've got such an ego... I need the feedback! Thanks again DB!!