Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Sock Day 4

I somehow managed to squeeze in some knitting yesterday... after coffee & a lesson with a friend (MM!!) but I couldn't stand to be inside anymore so outside I went! It was 82 degrees & sunny on my patio yesterday afternoon!

Here is my wittle sock.. finished heel, made the gusset and now working on the instep... heading for the toes!

Only have to knit 2 1/4 inches for the foot so I had to measure often! Not used to making stuff this small and I hate to rip stuff out.

Cute huh?? I'm done! I'm done! Oh wait... no, I'm not.... just have to complete the toes!       Kitchener Stitch here I come!      *I'm saving it for later today... with no distractions! ONLY way I can Kitchener is to have absolutely no distractions!  Eeven though this is only 7 stitches... it's pretty easy to mess up so I'm taking no chances!

Yay! I've made it to the end of my foot! Yay! It even looks like a sock! A real one!!
I've made a couple of mistakes, but I'm not pointing them out!  With the ribbing pattern I used all the way across the top of the foot you can't really tell anyway!

How's that for a little inspiration? See? I told you the process was fairly simple! Oh all right... it was confusing... but... it's all good! Only one more sock to go and it's a pair! ~insert happy dance here!!

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