Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Madness....

Socks, socks & more socks! EVERYwhere I look lately it's socks. Unpaired socks in my laundry basket, lovely print socks at the grocery store... yes! At the grocery store, and even socks in my head. I dreamed about socks last night. Turning the heel specifically.... the heel got away from me and my dpn's turned into more than one octopus... sigh... Madness. Total madness.
Yep. I think I'm stressing about socks way too much. Not sure why though... intimidating? A little. Fairly simple process? Very much so!! Really!! I think I have been putting a little too much thought into these itty bitty baby socks I'm making. So much that yesterday I put it aside and ignored it on purpose for most of the afternoon. Frustrated much? Um yeah... but.... once I sat down and focused... oh my!!  It's not that hard... really!
I just needed to see how a sock went together from top to bottom!!
Look at the picture of my baby sock (yes.. it's cute!) I started at the top - CUFF. I used a k3,p1 rib and continued it into my leg part. No direction changes yet...
Heel- start with making a heel flap which is knit separately from the instep (2 of the needles remain on the front part and just are parked). Once the flap is done, has to change direction and made into a heel. That little cup like part that holds the heel! Simple decreases is all it takes to make this direction change.
Now on to the gusset. Yep! Another direction change. Pick up the stitches along the edges of the heel flap and bring it all in together to start making a foot. Oops- too many stitches here so direction change (a bit!) again. Decreases once again! Simple!! Once that's done all I have to do is knit in a tube again (just like the cuff & leg) and head out on to the toes!!
Heel flap
Heel- getting ready to start the gusset

So now it's all straight shootin' - err knitting in the round! I have to continue for 2 inches then it's toe time!!
I've turned the sock so you can see that the bottom (sorry it's blurry) is now going to be knit into a tube heading down to the toes. Because we made those direction changes! Knit the cuff/leg in one direction, change it up to make a heel flap and a heel, change it again to begin another tube to put the foot in!
Pretty cool huh?!
I'll be ready for the toe later today but the weather is supposed to be nicer than yesterday...... not sure I'm going to be inside long enough to knit much!!

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