Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sighing Socks

 I don't think I've picked up a ball of yarn except to move it for the last few days.  What?!  Really.
I'm having some serious yarn withdrawals and it ain't from lack of yarn!!  I have a ton!! 
Can you say distracted? Um yeah..  You try paying attention to anything when your hubs has been gone for several months and then sends you an email that says he's not in "Kansas" anymore. Seriously.  My lack of focus is totally his fault!
I did manage to clean, clean, clean!!  My way of handling stress I guess!  I cleaned out everything! Washed everything I could think of and then went and looked at my yarn!  Time to start a new project! Time to organize!  LOL.  That's what usually happens with any kind of stress around here!  Things get cleaned and organized!
The time I spent with my yarn was very productive..... mostly for my new alley buddy!  I went through my yarn, sorted it out by type (yeah.. can you say OCD?) and then sorted out some stuff I'm never going to use.  I did sell some (not much) and gave away some more (GASP!) but... still not much knitting happening here!
In the process of cleaning out....
I found some socks that I made for Big a couple of years ago (3?) and I actually felt a twinge of inspiration!  Aha~!  That's what I need to do!  Make him some new socks!  *I didn't throw the holey ones out though and now I'm really glad I didn't!!
I did try and make new socks for Big,  but... I used a pattern I found that said easy... I got almost done with the first sock and then thought.  What?!  Make another one?  I don't even like this one!!  The gauge is all off  (yep. One more reason to knit a gauge swatch grr) and it might have fit a much (MUCH) larger person.  I then tried the 2 at a time from the toe up process.   Really?  Wow.  Too confusing. 
There are a bunch of books out there for making socks, but I really think the two at a time idea might work for me!  I mean seriously, have you met me? The attention span of a gnat!  Why in the heck would I knit socks when they are so cheap to buy in the first place and if I did decide to make some... pretty sure my attention span wouldn't allow me to make the second sock!
I've been just muddling around about socks for a few weeks now.  BUT now that BIG IS HOME!!  Now that Big is home I really need to put in more of an effort!
Guess what he did first thing this morning (not THAT geez!!)  HE PUT ON HIS OLD RAGGEDY SOCKS!!  Seriously.  I can't believe he remembered where he put them for one thing, but to go for those old yucky things first thing on his first morning home?!  I guess I should feel all warm and fuzzy that my hubby obviously loves the socks I made for him!! I do!! It's just really funny!
While he was  be-bopping around making coffee he starts complaining that his toes and his heels are cold so I look down at his feet and Ha Ha!  He has on the socks I made for him that are now so worn thin that they are barely even socks!
He's making some serious noises about needing new socks... he's sitting on the couch and sighing (loudly) and then reaches down and pulls the - or trys to pull the fabric over the cold heel and then tucks it around the cold toe.... he's making me laugh! He then looks over and asks how the knitting is going. What have I made lately... those kinds of comments. See what I mean? Seriously? Since when does Big ask about what projects I've got going on?  AND with all the sighing going on and tucking in of sock fabric around cold toesies... Really? I'm thinking he's hinting that either his toes really are cold (lol) or he wants some new socks! 
So maybe that's my lightening bolt of inspiration! Sighing socks! Hmm... I wonder if I can figure out how to make him stop off at the yarn store today... obviously I will need him to pick out the sock yarn for his socks! Right?!  Obviously.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fabric For Maddie

Okay guys! I'm spending way too much time on the computer and not enough time actually making stuff! My Pinterest boards are filling up, my idea bin is overflowing but I'm still not makin' nothin!
So... what do I do?
I start going through my fabric and trying to 'purge'! I can't possibly need all that I have and if we make a huge move next year... no way I can take it all!  Super sad I know..... BUT...  some of this stuff has to go. 
It's just that it is so hard to donate it to a charity organization around here, knowing that it will sit in a dusty store............. oh about.............
I was online (yet again) and I found this

Quilted Hugs from Maddie
PO Box 2461
Cleveland, TN 37320-2461

Meet Maddie. She’s a very exception eight year old little girl.  I love kids... that belong to other people.... and I don't even know this kid, but I'm in love!!  Most eight year old kids that I know can't even finish a project but Maddie is not only finishing her projects......... she's giving them away!!  She makes quilts for the sole project of donating them to people in need.  Wow huh? 
So... back to that fabric I was having a hard time sorting through.... now that I have a real purpose in mind for each and every piece in that box....
look out Maddie... here it comes sweetie!
I feel so much better about helping someone out when it truly will be of a benefit.  If an eight year old is making quilts for people just because... well... I can certainly send her some fabric!!
**Just click on the link to the Craftsy Blog for more info about Maddie. I've added her address above her picture too... hint hint!!