Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas is Complete

Merry Christmas Everyone!! This little guy was more happy with the wrapping paper and eating it than anything else! I made him the bat-hat (pictured below) but obviously it's too big. Oh well... he'll grow! In the meantime it looks like it works pretty well for his dad.
Jax's dad wearing the bat-hat! This is all pretty funny because the hat I made for my son (Jax's dad) didn't really fit him so it went to my brother, and the hat I made for Jax didn't fit him so it went to his dad. Follow all that? Ha-ha! All it means is that I now have to make one more hat for my son so he doesn't wear out the bat-hat!
The Capitan hat I made for GIL 2 (granddaughter in-law #2) sure looks cute on her! I whipped up her mitts while driving from Detroit to home so they  took less than 4 hours to make! I like using bulky yarns and big needles!
I made the Shatki hat in this lovely pink for the DIL! Aren't the girls cuuuuute? I think so!
Even the teenager GIL seems to like her hat! This is the Shroom hat pattern I found over at
Judging by these pictures I think my Christmas projects were a huge success!
**if you click on the high-lighted text it will take you to either or where you can find the patterns **