Monday, November 21, 2011

Moody (Blue) Baby Bottoms

I finished the Moody (Blue) Sweater a couple of weeks ago and have been muddling around trying to figure out what to make next.
I have a list of things I should do and another of things I must do; which is probably why I can't come up with anything I want to do.
 I obviously have a problem with authority. Obviously. Even though it's Me telling Me what to do. Geez.
I absolutely loved the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I used for the Moody (Blue) Sweater so I ran right back over to Nature's Yarns for more! Aaaahhhhh. It feels so darned soft and it's a dream to knit with. AND I had figured out what my next project was going to be! Yay! Finally!
I'm making Baby Bottoms from the same place I got the sweater pattern from! []  Woot!! Easy! A matching set for new Baby Jax!  Darn. This pattern isn't one of the free patterns, but it doesn't cost that much.  Okay, I can do that! A quick download later and now I'm happily knitting a pair of baby bottom/bib overalls!! 
The pattern really is easy - most of the patterns at Knitting Pure and Simple are! You start at the top with a 1x1 rib using #4, 16inch circulars (or dpns). After that you increase in the center front and center back. Once that's done, you divide for the legs and knit in the round until you have them as long as you want! The pattern for the 12 month size says 8.5inches ~which seems very long!
It goes really fast! I have to finish the left leg and then add the overall straps & wa-la! Completed pants to go with the finished sweater! Go Grandma!!
Now all I gotta do is wait for Baby Jax to hurry up and get here!!