Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crossing Things off my List!

I'm making a list, checking it twice..... yeah.. you can sing that~! I totally did!
My Christmas list is growing and I'm finally starting to check things off!
It seems that  I spend an awful lot of time [on Pinterest or Ravelry] just looking at things and thinking about how I could make this or that, and then even more time thinking about who I could make it for.
Doesn't seem like a whole lot of time actually goes into the knitting... sigh... and even less time seems to go toward actually finishing things. Bigger sigh...
I like the process of knitting. I really do. I'm not so much into the finishing up... I hate sewing in those ends! I really do like the process. The complete process but mostly just the beginning... oh! And the middle. The actual knitting! I like the buying of the yarn (yeah.. I admit it!), the rhythm of the needles through the yarn and reading a pattern, but... somehow I'm so sad when it's all done! You would think that would be the best reward; the ending of one totally means I get to do it all over again... but it's not the same.
Oh well...... BECAUSE I spent so much time on Ravelry Friday morning I found this adorable knit hat with a brim!! I was looking for something to make for DIL (daughter-in-law) and I fell in love with this hat!
I started this on Friday afternoon and WA-LA! I just finished it this morning! All I had to do was sew the buttons on and attach the band across the front!  It really should have been finished yesterday morning, but I was too lazy to go upstairs and get a needle that would fit through the holes on the button! ~Really I think I was just not wanting to finish it... that whole process thingy again....
Isn't it cute?? I'm not a hat wearer but I think even I might like one of these! It's a pattern I found on Ravelry called 'Capitan' by Rosi G. *click on the highlighted text there to go directly to the link*  It's a free pattern and it's a nice easy, rhythmic knit.  Like I said, I started Friday afternoon and was finished by Saturday morning. I just goofed off rather than totally putting it together so this probably took less than 6 hours to make.  The pattern calls for a really dreamy (read $$) soft, bulky yarn but I chose to use a washable yarn (cheaper) that I found on sale!! The bulky yarn and using a size 10, 16 inch circular needle meant it knitted up mega fast!
 DIL's favorite color is pink in any shade so I think I managed to cross something off my list and put it in the total win WIN column!!  Now I'm off to make another, this time in purple for GIL (12 year old granddaughter-in-law)! I'll time the next one from start to finish and let you know how long it takes!