Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Big Friday In!

What do you get when you add hot glue, crocheted circles and a plastic lamp shade together?  A very exciting Friday night?
Yep.  That's what you get at my house!

A few weeks ago my friend MT & I were at the thrift store and we spotted these...
Zippy bags full of crocheted circles!   I'm sure there is a name for these but since I only know Granny Square and these aren't square, circles it is!   I bought 2 bags just because my creative wheels were spinning!  Oh the things I could do with these.  
 Not all of the circles were the same, they were multi-colored, multi-sized but just screaming for something wonderful to be made out of them!   Who am I to ignore screaming yarn things?  Well... I did ignore them for a while!  Several weeks after I had to have   bought them,  I finally knew just what they were going to morph into!

A little trip to Ikea for this rather boring, plain Jane ol' plastic lampshade... shh.... It was Big's choice to go to Ikea on 'date day' so I grudgingly (ha!) went along...
It comes flat and all you do is snap the two ends together, plunk in the metal bar that holds it on the lamp - in this case suspends it from the light kit and then you have a lamp shade. How boring is that? That's where the crochet circles come in!!
I dumped the circles out on the floor, trying to be random but pretty soon I noticed that I had separated all the circles into their own little color piles. Sigh. No random anything here in OCD land!

A little (okay lot) hot glue action and one burn later...
 A very not so boring lampshade!  It looks a lot better in person (honest!) and even the boys' think it is well.... 'interesting'!
How's that for some thrift store finds and a big night out in at the Cupcake house?
I like it!