Monday, March 12, 2012

The Madness Continues...

Now I know another reason why I don't knit socks.
Baby socks, big kid socks, socks for me... well.. that one is a given, I don't wear them!!
BUT the main reason is socks are confusing!
Knitting is a process. I love the process. LOVE IT! I should be knocking this one outta the park... BUT why am I hitting the wall? Why am I doing this? Oh yeah... Jax's tootsies are cute. Sigh. Grand kid toesies....
Why are socks so confusing? Why are the patterns so confusing? No matter where we start (top or toes) they all have the same parts... toes, instep, heel and cuff. So how do I change direction when I'm knitting in the round for the cuff.......... oh wait! That's the problem!! I have to change direction!
Changing direction! Knitting this way, then that way, and around and around!! More than just straight knitting! Yay. That's why they are so darned confusing! Oh yeah... don't forget the kitchener stitch.......... eeegads. But that's what is going to make them fun to make!!
You knit a tube for the cuff, turn the direction and make a heel flap (Eye of Partridge Heel is cool!) and then you gotta turn it all again to make a little heel cup thing. AND then you have to turn it again to make the tube for the rest of the foot.  AND just think..... two feet. 2. Yep. I have 2 feet. That means two socks. Sigh.
LOOK HERE for the link to yesterday's post and exactly what I am up to!

I knitted the little cuff... all 2 inches of it! I used a K3, P1 ribbing so it was a little bit stretchier! I also used 5 needles (size 1's... toothpicks) instead of my usual 4.
To make the heel flap, all you do is divide your total of stitches up (my pattern told me exactly what to do!) and instead of knitting in the round... you work only on the heel! The rest of the stitches, which will become the instep, just get parked on their needles until later!                                                                                             
*always slip the first stitch of every row when doing a heel flap!! Makes it lots easier to pick up stitches later!!
MAKE HEEL FLAP:  Row 1(RS) Sl 1 st purl wise wyib *k1, sl 1, rep from* to last st. K1
Row 2: (WS) Sl first st, purl wise wyif, purl across.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2;  4,(5,6,7,8,9) times [5,(6,7,8,9,10)]sts at each edge of heel flap.
**wyib - with yarn in back **wyif - with yarn in front
My pattern uses the Eye of Partridge Heel directions, but if you want to do this in any sock...all you have to do on your heel flap is;  Sl first stitch, then k1, Sl 1 across on all RS rows. Return row, sl 1, purl across! This makes the heel a little more sturdy and will extend it's wear. It works great on grownup socks because it has a little more stretch and give and will sort of mold itself to your heel!
NOW it's time to "Turn the Heel"     ooooooh.... a direction change! A challenge!
All it requires is a series of decreases that make the heel flap turn into a little cup like thing - see it at the end of my fingers there? It turns the direction of the knitting from straight up and down, back toward the instep and heading toward the toe! You could of course totally make tube socks... but you get no style points for tube socks!
Row1 (RS) sl 1 purl wise wyib, knit 9(11,13,13,14)sts SSK, k1; turn
Row 2 (WS) sl1, purl 5 (all sizes), p2 tog, p1; turn
Row 3 (RS) sl 1, k to within 1 st of gap, ssk (sts on either side of the gap), k1, turn
*the gap is made on the previous row where you k2 tog*
Row 4: sl 1, p to within 1 st of gap, p2tog (st on each side of gap), p1, turn
Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until all heel sts have been worked.
Omitt the final k1, and p2 sts in last rep rows if necessary [10,(12,14,14,16,16)] sts.
Divide heel sts evenly onto 2 dpns. The beginning of round is now between the 2 heel needles.

That should keep you busy for today!!
This part was/is pretty easy... it gets a little trickier when we do the gusset pick up and instep... so I'm taking a break & going outside to play!!
See you tomorrow!!

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