Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Next?!!

How do you figure out your next project? How do you get some inspiration to even consider another project?? 
Once in a while even I.. Schi-Schu (the great! LOL) needs some inspiration. Something to get me out of my rut. I'm challenging myself by making myself finish the socks for Jax, but.... I'm already looking ahead.... I only have the socks on my needles. AND I'm almost done!! The second sock will be done today!!  What do I do when I finish those?   Maybe I should finish them first, but I don't have the patience to focus on just one (gasp!) project at a time!!
I spent some time today and wrote down what I've made the past year...
blanket(s) for several babies, hats (baby hats by the boatload for a charity) hats for Big & Boy and PPU (Paternal Parental Unit- my Dad) and of course many other little things... beaded bags, scarves... booties..., neck warmers, dress for Butter...the list goes on.
So much for inspiration huh? I got so sidetracked that I hadn't  come up with another project..... until I saw this...
This adorable child in an adorable dress (made of course by her bestest Schi-Schu ever!!) !!  How's that for a little inspiration?!! Go me! 
Maybe if I make her another one... in a bigger size and a different colors will she smile?? Ha! She's a very serious baby and has to consider everything carefully!
Finally I've found my inspiration! Baby Butter!!
I think that's what I'm going to do! Make another dress, a bigger size because looking at this one, it might become a shirt to wear over another shirt & some leggings very soon! Ms. B  is getting so big!!

There! Project considered! Pattern is picked out... good thing I bought this last year before she was even born!! Yarn is ready to go!!
shh.... I haven't finished the socks yet.... but I've already started on this new project!

I'm using Cascade Ultra Pima, 100% Pima Cotton. Yoke is going to be in white, red,blue, (one of those colors!)  but here's where I get stuck.... should the dress be red with a big blue stripe or blue with a big red stripe? Hmmmmm. Decisions, Decisions. Maybe I will just go finish my sock first!!  I also have to adjust my needle size a bit because the yarn isn't a worsted it's a light DK, which means it's a bit finer than what the pattern calls for.

Pattern Link *it's from my favorite pattern place! Knitting Pure and Simple!
Yarn Link  *it's maybe a little fine for this project but should be nice & cool! I'm actually going to have to play around with gauge to find a needle that makes it work!
If you are using DK or light worsted (size 3) you will use a size 6, 16inch circular and a size 8, 16 inch circular.  Once you make the straps and the little front part it is joined and then worked in the round!
So off I go... got my projects all mapped out for the day!! Multi-projecting I guess!

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