Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finishing Up ('s still the first sock)!!

How do I end these socks? Somehow I have to end up with a completely closed toe (so no piggies stick out!) and have it feel good and look good. Hmm.... how about Kitchener Stitch?
The Kitchener stitch is also known as grafting (kind of a weaving) and joins two sets of live stitches (still on needle) by using a tapestry needle threaded with yarn. It creates a row that looks like knit stitches between two rows of live stitches.   Sounds a little imposing doesn't it? Really it's not. The big benefit is that it looks really great when it's done and makes for a nice, smooth join! So..a little aggravation in this instance is totally worth it!~
*For those of you who made the Wonderful Wallaby Sweater - the weaving of the underarms and the top of the hood was done using the Kitchener stitch*
I highly recommend practicing first on some scrap yarn and not learning it on something you've worked hard on!  It's kind of easy to mess up.  I also recommend that when you do the Kitchener DO NOTHING ELSE!
I can't chew gum & walk so that was a no brainer for me, but.... seriously! Turn off the TV, turn of the kids and just Kitchener!
... Sounds a little imposing doesn't it? I admit... I'm still intimidated by it, but I still do it! That's part of the fun I think?! Conquering the Kitchener AND of course finishing a project! Plus.. that bonus of making it look lovely when I'm done is just icing on the cupcake!

I can never remember just exactly how to Kitchener so I usually go HERE
This tutorial has a nice series of pictures that walk you through it.
finished Jax sock!

1st things first - get all of your live stitches divided up evenly onto 2 needles - leaving a long tail *my pattern said to leave a 15" long tail
Next thread your tail into your tapestry needle and get ready to Kitchener!
The first little part you only do once - it's the set up row. After that you follow the steps 1-4 over and over until you are all done!
I'm not going to put the directions here.... please go to the link HERE ~someone went through a whole lot of trouble to make the tutorial and I think we should use it!
 So? Now what to do.............. maybe toe up, two at a time socks? Hmm? We'll see.............

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