Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Project - March Madness?

I love sock yarn - who wouldn't? I'm just not crazy about knitting socks. Seems like crazy madness to me!  I do like the process of knitting and socks are made using a process. How could you not like that?  Um... probably just the pair thing (pairs usually means more than one) and the fact that I don't usually wear socks. Why would I want to knit some? I can buy them right?
Well... what happens when a new friend (gee thanks TW) wants your help to make some pedicure socks? You help of course! AND unfortunately you begin to obsess about the process. The sock making process.  Yes! I know you would do the same! Obsess? LOL maybe not... but you would definitely pick up your sticks and get to knitting!
So that's just what I did! I started knitting the pedicure socks (click for link)  out of some lovely stretchy green (bright) green) yarn! Do I think I'm going to make two? Dunno yet. I know I'm going to make this one so that way I can help TW out along the way, but two?
Let's re-think this process.......
What do I need to make a pair of socks?
#1  A pattern. Easy. There are a ton of free patterns out there on the web! The pedicure socks pattern is free!
What about this one?  Spud & Chloe is so cute. Stinkin' cute!
It wasn't free (okay.. I splurged... go figure!) but I got it anyway.

#2  yarn. Yep. Got yarn. Got lots of yarn!! AND I even have sock yarn. I'm using this one... I had it.. shh that's my story & I'm sticking to it! It's Crystal Palace, Panda Cotton! (bamboo&cotton)

#3 Start the Project! Sometimes this is the worst part...
This is what I'm doing and if you want to start with me..........
Pattern:  Spud & Chloe Lot's O socks!
Take a minute and highlight or circle the sizes for what you are going to make!  I bought mine at Fibre Space in Alexandria.
Needles: Size 1 dpn's (Fibre Space, Yarn Cloud, Nature's Yarns, Inc. & even Joann might carry them. )
Yarn - Spud & Chloe fine (I'm using a yarn that uses a similar yarn -just check the gauge ) Panda Cotton by Crystal Palace 
Other Stuff:*How to keep a stitch marker on your dpn's? I put it on after the first stitch -between it and the 2nd. You could use a locking stitch marker, just hook it in the leg of the stitch and just move it up every few rows. Most of the time I just use my cast on tail...
Pattern Specifics:
Baby Sizes 0-3mos(3-9mos, 12mos, 24mos, kid sizes 2T,3T)
Cast on 32,(40,44,48,52,52)sts. Divide onto 4 needles. Place marker and join in round. Be careful not to twist!
** CAST ON ALL STITCHES ONTO 1 NEEDLE then divide them up on your 2nd row**
There are lots of options with this pattern but I'm going to just use Option 2 &3. I like the k3,p1 rib it will make! May help it stay on a chubby little leg?!

Rnd 1:  *k3, p1; rep from* around.
Repeat Rnd 1 in desired option color sequence until leg measures 2,(2,2.5,3,3.5,5.5)inches or desired length.     ~I'm using self striping yarn so I'm not worrying about color sequence! NOTE this will make a ribbed leg all the way to where I want to divide for heel.
Don't like that? Try this...
Rnd 1:  *k2,p2, rep from*around. Rep Rnd 1 until CUFF measures 3/4, (3/4,1,1,1.5,1.5)inches or desired length. NOTE makes a definitive cuff and leg portion*
Work in St st until (stockinette stitch - when knitting in round it's knit every round) leg measures 2,(2,2.5,3,3.5,5.5)inches or desired length.

That should get us going until tomorrow!! Stay tuned for More March Madness on Monday - woot! That's 4 M's all in a row!!  KNIT ON!!!

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