Friday, March 9, 2012

Rib-A-Roni Hat

I have been on a hat thing lately! Making baby hats (10 last month) and just this week I finished a hat for Boy Wonder. *I posted this hat earlier today when I was switching to dpn's from the circular*
I like how the ribbing meets together at the top. It's a super simple pattern which knits up really fast! The ribbing is a little awkward at first - only because I've been knitting up baby hats with a 2x2 rib!! This one is k4, p1, k2 (3,4,5,6), p1 around.... which if you aren't paying attention.... now who would do that? Hm mm? Anyway... you can see where it may lead you astray!

I used the knitted cast on and although I'm not exactly ecstatic about that little bit of a rolled edge... the Kid loves it!  I am pretty happy with how this hat turned out overall! For the decreases the pattern says to use a p2tog-tbl which means to purl two together through the back loop.... say what? Every time I did it that way I ended up with an extra loop like a yarn over so I'm pretty sure I did it wrong! I ended up just purling 2 together the regular way and I think it looks great!

He even managed to smile in his new hat although he was very distracted by the television!
HERE is the link to the pattern. 
*apology here... DB this is NOT the same hat you are working on! I have 2 going on at the same time & I am doing the same as you... it's just not this one! *


  1. LOL. I may finish mine this year.

    I like the stripe, makes me think of Charlie Brown.

    How are his lessons going?

  2. I like the stripes too!! I thought about doing orange & brown just like Charlie!! LOL
    He's doing great! He knits almost every day for at least 15 minutes - with no prompting and/or whining! Just does it! I love how he sits there without squirming and fidgetting!! It's awesome to see him just focused on something in his lap and not everything else around him!