Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Hat KAL

My friend Christen is making this hat as a baby shower present and invited us (the KAL group over on FB) to join her. So I did. Shhh... I haven't started yet!
I'm also inviting you.....without clearing it first... tee hee! She won't mind! She likes a little competition and I just know this is her way of getting out of finishing her sweater!
Christen is using a cream colored Shine Sport  that she bought from
and I think she's making a navy colored hat too for yet another baby shower!
There seems to be babies popping up all over the place!
I have a friend who is having a baby, my grandson isn't even a month old yet, Christen's cousin is having a baby and yesterday I made a new friend having twins! Yikes! They are everywhere!!
So in honor of those babies and to get our year off to a bang with a KAL ~ here we go!

This is an extremely adorable hat ~ I've seen it on a very cute little baby the day she was born! See? Isn't she adorable?  This isn't a good picture of the hat but it sure is a good one of Ms. Butter!

The pattern looks very simple ~look it only has 54 rows! It's not knit in the round so that means some seaming; which will be good practice for those of us who don't seam that well!
All right... practice for me who doesn't seam very well.
I'm not sure what the book is, or what the hat is named other than 'cap' just as it's shown on the picture above, but it does look like a fairly fast knit.
I don't know the yardages you will need - as you can see that info isn't listed on the pattern page, but I do know this............
It's  made with straight needles and seemed together. 
 Needle Size 3 & 5 for Newborn  and  4 & 6 for 3-6 mo.

It's a baby hat so it shouldn't take more than 50g of any sort of yarn!
I'm going to make twinsy hats out of Sean Sheep 'little grins' using the color Violet.
This stuff right here.....
I love the violet color and can you see that price tag? Oh yeah! I bought this stuff a while ago & have been saving it!

Did I tell you that I haven't started yet... well.. I haven't, but Christen did and is done! This is a super fast knit so I better get cranking!

This is what the top looks like! You start at the top of this hat & make the leaves first.... I'm already thinking about how I can change it up!
Here is what Christen's hat looks like all done - posted the same day as the above picture... sigh... oh well! Guess I really will have to get my knit on!

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