Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting out with a BANG!

Happy New Year Everyone!!
Hopefully 2012 will be an exciting and eventful for you because I know it's going to be for me! The way this new year started out has me thinking that it's only going to go up from here!
2012 started out with a loud bang last night - I let the kiddo stay up until midnight for all the rockin' fun on television and when he went to bed promptly at 1205, he tripped going up the stairs, fell on his blanket, knocked the stuff off the stairs! THEN... the cat jumped off the table and knocked over a glass candle holder - BANG! CRASH! I bet the neighbors thought we were partying in here!
And then....... Boy Wonder was awake at 8am raring to go................ oh yay. I was already awake, but totally looking forward to at least an hour by myself in the quiet...........
                                Multiple cups of coffee later...............
here I sit once again in front of my computer contemplating just what to do now!
Should I start a new project? Should I finish a couple that I started over Christmas? Should I just chuck it all & go take a nap? Or even better how about spending some time with Frau Holle? Remember her? She's that spinning wheel that sits over there and begs me to come play. Sigh.... I'm never going to get anything done with her in the house!
I should finish putting all the Christmas stuff away. Should. Probably won't. Not today. Maybe tomorrow! Which is putting it off way too long, but heck! We were gone for a week!
I should finish some of the projects that I started over Christmas! Hey! This time it was only (only!) two! A hat for Big and a hat for ME! Yay! Finally something for me! I might..... but I'm awfully tired. Midnight is really late for me! LOL
Which brings me around to the point I was thinking I was going to make (ADD much?) ..... and finally choose just which one....... New Year's Resolution(s). How about you? Make any? Blow them off already?
I really thought about not making any resolutions this year. If I don't make any I would be Winning! No fail! Instant success! But.... what fun would that be? I need to make at least one so that my friends (especially Christen) have something to laugh at me about in 2 weeks when their resolutions have failed!
Drum roll please.......
Resolution #1 - finish what I start! IF and WHEN I start a new project I would like to complete it before starting a new one! ~he he he I can tell you right now that this probably (oh really?) won't happen!
Resolution #2 - sew more! I've dusted off my sewing machine a couple of times over the past few months but it still looks really lonely. Hm? Maybe if I named her (it?) I might spend more time there! I'm thinking that this might help....
HERE is the link to that!

Resolution #3 - be able to spin without dropping more than 1 (maybe 2) F bombs. It's not really ladylike to drop F bombs all over the place anyway so that shouldn't be too hard. LOL
I even bought a book that should help!

Resolution # 4- Really? 4? Yep. #4 is to try and stick to all of my resolutions at least through February! Short term goals actually seem to work better!
Oh yeah... and to knit cables, and color work (not intarsia no way!) just stripes! There is a lot more going on in my head.... I'm just trying to limit myself to 4 resolutions so that my success rate will be at least marginal! Wish me luck huh??

I really need to add this to the list.... drink more wine! That way I can make these....
But then that would add a #6 - learn to crochet better. Oh well............
You can see these over at Knit and Crochet Now. *I found it on FB & hopefully this LINK will take you there. *it goes to the designers web page!
So now I need to go ponder (with another cup of coffee) the new name of my sewing machine... it's a BabyLock that is white with red.... any ideas? Maybe we should have another contest for this one!
PS Christen hasn't even received her prize for naming the Knit Along last year! Hint- they are small, round and jeweled...........
So send me your ideas to name my machine! Prizes! Giggles!! Oh yay!!

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