Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Try It Tuesday!

Today is the official first Tuesday of January! The first Tuesday of 2012! Wow!
It's freezing cold here, although now it is a lot warmer than it started out this morning! It's up from 19 F to a whopping 33! Just chilly enough to keep me indoors trying to finish things I've started. What?! Wait a minute! No! That's not right. It's (insert drum roll please or ominous music...) Try It Tuesday!
Can't be working on some old project... must start something new! LOL
So much for my resolution of finishing things before I start something else......... sigh...........
But it's not my fault. Really! It is after all... Try it Tuesday!
So.... in order to pay the first Tuesday of the first month of a brand new year it's due attention- let's try cables!! Oh yeah!
I'm so gonna do it.
They can't be that hard. They don't look hard. I've tried them before. Honest. They were hard for me. Not that hard, but hard enough where I got frustrated & gave up! Not today! I'm going to try them again! My ultimate goal is to be able to do them as well as my friend Christen but..... we'll see how it goes! Shh... don't tell her though... she'll laugh at me.  
I really would like to make one (or maybe both?) of these hats......
  but I probably should just start out by making a cable huh? Just to see if I can do it!
So that's what I'm going to do! Go play with some yarn and make a cable or two!
 As my Aunt Gaily always says... you can do it, you just need to practice!
So....... I practiced! I did! I can do cables! I think my block with them has been that it felt like I needed to do something on each row. Cablewise that is. Like it had to cabled in front on the first row, purled the second, and then cabled in back for the next row. I really made it too complicated. Yeah... On my sample I just made some stockinette stitching and then when I decided to cable, I knit 2, p1, held 3 on a cable needle in back, knit the next 3, knit the 3 on the cable needle, purled 1 and whoop!! I ended up with something that I link looks like (sorta) like the page in my knitting book! 
I didn't really pay too much attention to how many I cast on so I have a huge gap between the 2 cables and they are both right twisting, but I did it!
It really isn't that hard. Shh... don't tell Christen that either!
Half the battle was following directions! The other half was not reading more in to those directions!
Happy Tuesday!
Hey! If I didn't start a new project but just tried something new.... I didn't really break my resolution then did I???

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