Friday, January 6, 2012

Look What I can Do!!

No! It does not involve standing on my head... or cables! Although now I can do those!
I just really need to relax and accept the fact that I cannot ever be and should probably not aspire to be... P E R F E C T. This way I can (CAN) make cables and I can do this...
with a little help from my friend Frau Holle ,she's my friend today, usually she's eyeballing me and I swear I can hear her saying... How come you can't spin? Huh? Yeah.... today she's my friend!
When I went home for Christmas I spent some time with my favorite Aunt & she really helped me get going! I was able to spin at night at home and then on my final day in Michigan, Aunt G taught me how to ply! Wow!!
My full bobbin of what we are lovingly calling 'novelty yarn' is on the left! My plied yarn (still quite bumpy & novelty-ish) is on the right! Now all I have to do is set the spin, dry & figure out what to knit with it!

A little close up of my yarn! I MADE IT! ~yes, yes I was shouting!!

Now look what I'm doing! A little less thick & bumpy yarn on the bobbin (right picture) all from the roving on the left! It's from a sheep named Dumbo who lives on a farm near our house in Michigan!
He he he. Who knew I would be on a first name basis with my yarn!
I'm off to spin some more! I've made friends with Frau Holle so I gotta keep this going!
*for those of you interested.. click on the highlighted Frau Holle above to see why I named my spinning wheel that name! My Grandpa told me that if I didn't behave Frau Holle was going to take me away. I named the wheel after her because the darn thing is already leading me astray and totally leading to disorder in my household!

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