Monday, January 2, 2012

Finished Christmas Stuff

Christmas was a whirlwind! We drove to Michigan for 7 days and were so darned busy that when we got home the camera didn't even make an appearance! Until today!

The overalls and sweater looked amazing (way too big) on the new guy......
 AND the best part is.... He loves them! He does! He told me!

PPU (Paternal Parental Unit) likes his Jacques Cousteau Hat & Neck warmer....
I'm a little worried about the banks in the area where PPU lives.........
There is no picture of the cowl that I made for GIL (girlfriend in law) - I didn't take one. Oops. We seriously were very busy and when I gave it to her for Christmas... well.... she didn't take it off! She loved it!
All the other stuff that I made went over well! Big is enjoying his gloves & his hat over there in Afghanistan. He says he had to sleep in his hat the other night! Glad he has something to keep ears & fingers warm!
I finished everything in time for Christmas and just now loaded everything on to my KnitMeter, a little disappointed that I didn't get over 10 miles..................

Hope your Christmas was Happy!
Here's to knitting10 miles (plus!) next year!
Shh.... don't tell Big because all he will see is $$$$$

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