Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Monday Sewing....

Maybe I should just rename this blog.... Schi~Schu makes Schtuff?
I've totally started out my crafty new year with a big ol' bang! I've decoupaged a bookcase, a lampshade, made a knitty noddy out of PVC pipe. Good grief! I guess this year I'm going to be doing a whole lot more than just playing with yarn!  
I'm trying to pace myself... I really am! But every day I am want to be doing something different. NOT cleaning or any of that kind of stuff! LOL But the stuff I like to do!  Sewing, knitting, crafting, spinning just to name a few! I have goals! Okay... because I know Big is listening... I will do my chores first. I will!

Mondays are sewing days! I really needed to spend some time with my dusty sewing machine so I joined a sew-along! Every Monday you have to sew something. Could be anything. Small, big, part of a larger project. Whatever! Just sew!
HERE is the link...She even has prizes... hmmmm...
So yesterday I sewed! I needed a drawstring bag for my Knitty Noddy ~which is a thingy that you wrap yarn around to make it into lovely skeins! After of course it's been spun. Anyway... I had to make a Knitty Noddy first; which I did! AWESOME! ~said in my bestest sing-songy voice! Then it needed a case! Wa-la....
Don't tell anybody.... the material is oriented incorrectly. Ugh. I realized it after it had been cut, sewn on 3 sides and was about to get it's buttonholes for the drawstring. Dang!
 Here's a closeup....Skulls AND knitting needles! Which is awesome material ~thanks Annie!!

Either way you look at it (har har) it's pretty cool and it was an easy way to ease into the sewing thing!
So far it's  been a busy couple of days around here....
I'm sewing. I'm trying to spin! On the wheel.... not just around! AND I am knitting! I'm working on a simple basket weave baby blanket for a baby shower in February. Wow oh wow! Right now I think that it should be bedtime but it isn't. Time for some more knitting!
Only 30 some inches to go on this little baby..........
Which you  can grab the pattern for yourself  HERE. I'm using LionBrand Pound of Love & a #8 cable needle ~only because I had to cast on 92 stitches. I don't have any straight needles that are that long! I have until February 4th to finish this so I've gotta get my knit on!

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