Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finger Knitting

Did you ever knit with just your fingers? No sticks? I remember doing this as a kid, but I totally forgotten about it until I was playing around on-line and bumped into a blog called Flax and Twine!
I've been kind of (sort of) ignoring my kids requests the past few weeks to teach him how to knit.....
#1 I have not enough patience, #2 he can't sit still and #3 just last week he thought knitting was stupid. Hmph!
 Well... maybe Boy Wonder I will show you how to do finger knitting!  The author of the Flax and Twine blog has a really nice tutorial that shows how to do finger knitting from start to finish! These pictures are her kids....

*you can see them here: Flax and Twine.
The kids in the pictures look they are having fun AND I love the scarf the little girl made! From her face I think she did too!  The best thing is....I don't see any pointy sticks to poke your friends eyes out with AND some deep concentration seems to be happening so maybe, just maybe Boy Wonder will enjoy this too! I downloaded the tutorial & checked the links from here (yay! they work!) so  I'm going to try tomorrow!
(Hopefully that doesn't count against me in my New Year's Resolution to NOT start anything new.....)
I'm hoping that Boy Wonder will be receptive to learning and keeping those stick thingys in the jar on the shelf for just a bit longer!  
Here is the link to the Flax and Twine Blog ~just click on the highlighted text & you should go right there!


  1. I'm wondering when Noah will be old enough to do this. Oh wait.. he'd probably make a net to catch something.... LOL