Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just another project...........

So you all remember that New Year's Resolution I made? The one where I was going (try to anyway) to finish something else before I started something new? Um... yeah.... that one.
Well? Did you hear that little tinkling? Sounded like broken glass off in the distance somewhere? Yep. That was my first shattered New Year's Resolution! Gone! Broken into a million pieces!
 I'm trying to figure out a way here that may save at least this one of my resolutions!
IF it's not a project for me? Does it count? If it's a project to get my kid started on something then it's really not a project that I'm starting before I finish one of my other projects? Right?
Yeah.. I didn't think so...... sigh.....
Anyway... it's recycling so that's good. It doesn't require me to purchase anything ~which is the bestest ever! AND it may help my kid leave my big spinning wheel alone! Yay! AND keep his little hands & mind busy!
He's been wanting to learn to knit but I just don't have the patience. I tried the finger knitting with him last week & he got it, but when he saw me spinning, he lost all interest!
He's used the drop spindle before & was actually pretty good at it. But, it's been a long time.  I know he would rather use the big wheel to spin, but we have these handy dandy little drop spindles sitting right here AND a whole bunch of newspapers just lying around.... off we go! ~hope I don't end up saying 'Off with his head'!!!
I was looking online for spinning classes and although I didn't find any that were close.... I did find this.........
"yarn" made out of recycled newspapers! Spun just like regular ol' fiber! Here is the LINK if you're interested! You fold & cut the paper into strips and then using a drop spindle (HERE is a link for that), you spin it into lengths which are then made into yarn stuff!
Attached to the spindle (left) & spun (right) into fiber.

Which is then wound into a ball...

And knitted into this. Which can be made into a rug.

Sounds kind of interesting huh? Yeah... I know what you're thinking... just when am I going to find time to add that into my already spinningly (har) busy schedule? I'm not! I'm going to get the kidlet started on it.... see if it fits into his schedule! It might only last 15 minutes (if I'm lucky) but I will be letting him participate in something I'm doing, have him doing something constructive, have him learning something that should be active enough to keep his hands busy......
See? It's all about me!!
Stay tuned for our progress................or lack of!!

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