Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Progress... (or lack of)

Well? How are your New Year's Knitting & Crafting Resolutions going?
 You did see how I capitalized Knitting and Crafting, right? Yep! They are that important!! Really.....
How are mine going you ask?  Well....
Did you hear a big crash? A sound like broken glass tinkling all over the place? You did? You heard it?!
Me too..........
I'm still sweeping the remnants of those resolutions right under the rug! Don't want anybody to notice that they are broken!
Let's just recap here (1/1/12 Blog Post)
#1 Finish a project before starting something else............ um..... yeah...
#2  I want to sew more! I have! I joined a Sew Along & have made a couple of things. So this one is still in the running!
#3 I really needed this one! I want  to spin without dropping F bombs. Or as many F bombs as usually get dropped! This one is still in the running as well! HONEST!   I spun this morning before Boyo woke up and managed to spin for over 30 minutes and I'm not sure that I dropped one bomb.  I'm not really super duper excited about the quality of what I spun, but it's progress!
#4 This one was/is the kicker. The catchall.  For #4 the resolution was to stick with my resolutions until at least February. Well? Two outta four aint bad. Right? Man I hope February will hurry up & get here!
In all honesty, I don't think I'm doing that bad! I technically haven't started anything new........ because the one hat I cast on has been cast off just as much so it's really going nowhere. Nowhere in a hurry.... grrrrrr. I am still finishing up a hat I started for Big and I'm almost done. A L M O S T. That counts right? BUT! I haven't started the block for our mystery KAL yet so... I'm finishing up somethin' before I start that! Woohoo! Go me!!
Yeah... I know... doesn't quite get it. I need to accept the fact that a) my resolutions are busted and 2) the little hat in the KAL on here, well.... it might not get done!
I've ripped that baby out more times than I can count. AND (insert whine here) it is really simple. It's done flat, seamed up afterward and only has 4 different stitches! Knits, purls, YO's & SSK's. All of which are super simple and IF I could follow the pattern correctly, I could have made at least 7 of these hats by now!!
Here's what I have so far....... which I'm getting ready to rip out, because I'm off. Somewhere. Somehow. I've ended up with the wrong number of stitches and well, I'm tired of it!
I really like the pattern... how the little leaves will pop out.... if (IF) I ever get that far...
My friend Christen has completed her hat, sent it on its way and is now changing it up by doing it again, except using two colors. I think this is amazing. It kind of stinks though, because my progress isn't nearly (ha!) as good, but.....I may just have to "girl up"  & tell her she she wins.
  It's amazing isn't it! Yeah... I know.... not contest so Christen.... You Win!
(*this one*)

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