Monday, January 28, 2013

Confession of a Yarn Hoarder

I'm totally defending myself here ~ alright.... I'm making light of the fact that I have a yarn stash. A serious yarn stash. I've defended myself many times by saying things like 'it's not that bad', "I don't have as much as others', but my favorite is "it's under control."
I have yarn and/or yarn tools everywhere! Everywhere! I even have yarn catalogs beside the bathtub!  ~Hey! It's for when I get a chance to take a bubble bath and I want some reading! *do not tell Big that there are order forms inside those catalogs!  There is yarn in the bedroom ~ where I'm sure it isn't supposed to be. I have yarn in the living room and GASP!  I found some in the kitchen this morning! I laughed right out loud when  I opened up the cupboard and found this.....
How funny is that!  How amusing to find a lovely little blue yarn ball peaking out of a coffee cup?   Honestly,  I have no idea how that got there! Truly I don't.  Last time I saw it it was sitting on the computer desk waiting to be test knit into fingerless mitts. AND why oh why was it in my coffee mug? Hmm... I'm thinking that Boy must have moved it because it was obstructing his computer screen view. It's seriously funny to find yarn hidden in the cupboard!  Which totally makes me wonder..... do I have a yarn problem and I'm just afraid to admit it? Yikes. Probably.  Big certainly thinks I have one every time I drag him to the yarn shop!  Boy Wonder definitely does, he periodically bans me from storing yarn in the living room because he's usually the one getting yelled at for moving it!
I don't know. I thought it was all under control, the yarn was organized, stored away (out of Big's prying eyesight anyway!) and I don't have too much.  Seriously! I must not have too much because I just had to buy some the other day!! Shh.. don't tell!
I've talked about this before HERE and again HERE and that's just in the last few months. So... I think we can safely jump to the conclusion that I have might have a problem.  Which then we may safely jump to the question... whatcha gonna do about it? Well....
ORGANIZE IT of course! Ha-ha! I seriously think that had I said the words... purge some of it... I would have had my local friends on my doorstep within the hour! Sorry girls. Not happening yet!
I've decided that today will be the start of the newandimprovedyarnstoragesystem! Yes. Please read that as all one word! Over the next couple of weeks I will be organizing, re-organizing the yarnstoragesystem to make it more efficient and dreamy! Stay tuned!  This of course means that there will be yarn everywhere and I may be in trouble with Big and the Boy. They are going to have to see the complete stash. Sigh. It's a necessary evil I'm afraid. Big will be made aware of the extent of the yarn stash. My yarn budget may be taken away, BUT.... if this works he will never see it out in the open again AND it will be much easier to shop the stash!! AND the best of all... if Big doesn't see it.... he won't mind so much next time we go to the yarn shop???
Keep your fingers crossed that this works!!
oh... did I admit the true reason for doing this? I think I did... I'm totally doing this to make it all more manageable and accessible!


  1. It turns out I lied. I actually have a small yarn stash. It's just all over the place. I've moved so many times in the last two years and haven't stayed anywhere long enough to actually settle in (let alone hang pictures on the wall) that everything is packed in boxes. I'm getting ready to move, so I'm purging old boxes and I keep finding yarn stashed away in random places. I have a yarn stash, it's just uber hidden.

  2. Randomly stashed yarn does indeed equal a yarn stash Betty!!!