Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Really Not a Problem...

I seriously have a problem. An addiction. A big one. AND sometimes an expensive one.
There. I've said it.  I've admitted it.  That's the first step in recovery right?  Admitting you have a problem?  BUT does it count when I really don't think it's that much (not much) of a problem?  It's just yarn!  Seriously!  How bad can it be?! There must be people out there who have more than me.... yeah, yeah... yarn stores do, but how about real people?  *Uh oh.... that's another issue on the addiction scale ~working with my limited experience in yarn addiction;  (yes, please feel free to insert a snort here)  the justifying of your problem could be considered not a real admission of said problem.  Which would then imply that maybe (just maybe?) I'm not quite ready to admit it?  
Whoa! Wait!! Stop laughing!  Admission of the problem is the first step! I've said I have a problem. I've admitted it to you.... haven't admitted it to myself yet... my husband would agree that I have an issue with yarn, but...... if I keep it in check and organized, he's not so very worried. Can't be that much of a problem then right?
Who am I kidding? IF you look in my dining room; there is yarn. The den area? Yep more yarn. The living room? Sure. It's a great place to knit. The TV lives there after all. My bedroom? I'm not sure, but maybe? The bathroom? Nope. Definitely not!! The office upstairs? Um.... well.... yeah! That's where all the yarn lives in my house!  Except the stuff I'm working on and that has to be wherever I am at the time!! ~ yeah... justification of one's problem is another sign of a bigger issue... sigh.
How about organization? I do that fairly well. I have most of my stash upstairs in the office/craft room. All organized ever so lovely-ish in it's baskets & bins. I know, I know... no matter I sugar coat it. I have a lot of yarn. Loads. Buckets. Bins. Lots!! But isn't it pretty? Isn't it lovely? Don't you want to just look at it?
I posted this a while ago, but I think it's worth doing again. Yep. I think it's pretty sweet ~ don't you?
I purchased the four Antonius storage frames (around $10 each at IKEA) and then purchased the baskets separately. There are a couple of fabric baskets - toward the bottom and some plastic bins too. Originally I thought that this was going to be more for my craft storage (read fabric) but my yarn was outgrowing it's other home(s).  I even have some lovely (wicked lovely!) inserts inside some of those baskets with little dividers! The whole thing was a bit more than Big wanted to spend but it keeps the yarn (most of it) all in one spot so I think overall he's pleased. I know I am!!
So......... organization is the key here! Keeps it out of the way of the family (and the cat and the dog and the kids) and therefore one can assume that if it's hidden... well.... it's NOT A PROBLEM!!

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