Monday, September 10, 2012

New Socks!!

So Big finally..FINALLY.. got a new pair of socks! Why he couldn't just go to the store is beyond me, but he finally got a brand new pair of hand knitted, handmade by ME socks!
When I was home last month I spent quite a bit of time with my favorite Aunt G who has been trying to teach me to make two socks at one time using one needle (maybe we should just say that as one word?) twosocksatonetimeusingoneneedle. Hmm... doesn't sound any better if you say it as all one word does it? Yep. It's weird. Sounds weird and is weird, but... the coolest thing ever happens when you finish one sock!! YOU FINISH THE SECOND ONE AT THE SAME TIME!! ~yes! I was shouting!
That's one of the things I hate about making socks. The second sock!! So what the heck! Might as well give it a try!
It's great! The hardest part is getting started, but once G got me going everything went great! Now all I have to do is pry them off Big's feet, weave in the ends and block!
The color isn't overly manly, but it was free!  Aunt G was determined I was going to learn how to do this when I was home last month! She gave me the yarn and loaned me her needles so I wouldn't have any excuses!  Anyway I don't think the color combo is too un-manly... the guy won't take them off... he loves them!

Here's a link to a video on youtube... so you can see what the heck I'm talking about! *I didn't do the cast on way the same but now I can't remember how I did it at all............. going to have to go home I think!


  1. Hey! What's up with those string? Cool socks! I want a pair...

    1. shhh You weren't supposed to see them! I couldn't get them off of his feet to block them and/or sew in the ends so I took the pic with the strings on!!
      Gotta have your feetsies nearby to make these. No pattern... just your feet! Maybe I'll be better at it when I get to Monterey and I can make you some? Or show you how! MAKE you do it!