Friday, February 1, 2013

Confessions of a Yarn Hoarder - Day 4

Oh okay. You busted me. It's actually Day 5, but since I didn't post yesterday I'm sticking to  Day 4! Yesterday nobody felt well here in Cupcake Land and I think the rapid barometric pressure changes were the issue.  Our waking up with sore throats and I don't wanna's has got to be totally related to the roller coaster weather we've had.  In the last three days, temps & weather has changed from snow to 70's and then back to snow and 20's. All in 3 days! 
I'm blaming the weather for not getting much done this week!  I didn't do much yesterday, but I did manage to get all of my tools into one spot ~ I sort of (ha!) took over the entire dining room table for the last 3 days!!  Big wasn't too happy about that, but... now that it's all tidy and into  pretty much one spot, he'll survive.  My inner OCD is a little happier as well because I not only managed to corral the stuff, but I realized I don't really have to go buy more stitch markers! I even found some in the car! I'm not sure why I even found some in the bathroom.... but I found a bunch!!  Once it was all piled up on the table... no picture because I forgot! Honestly... I couldn't believe the amount of stuff I had!  Oh wait..... yes I can! EVERY stinkin' time I go to the yarn store I eyeball the chachkies like they were chocolate!  Gotta get me some more of that!!
So... what to do with all that stuff!! I really didn't have all that much ~ it just sounds so much better to say that it COVERED the ENTIRE dining room table top rather than just.. gathered everything together on top of the table... See?  I know, I know... more justification which does imply that I have a bit of a problem. *sigh*
Once you've gathered all of YOUR stuff what are you going to do with it? Do you have a little bag that it goes in to? A drawer, a box? I initially bought a little bag from a 'little personalized bag company' that had 2 zippered pockets that folded into half with a handle. Nice. BUT my friend thought that was better for her than the loverly bag I now have.. so we traded!
At first I wasn't sure about it, it is really big... but... once I really started to use it AND I realized that my interchangeable needle set would fit into one of the pockets.... I was hooked!
Just look at all of those pockets ~ ignore the stuff, just look at the pockets! Awesome right?!! AND another bonus is that the pouches can be taken out and go where I go! The big one has all the stitch holders, highlighter tape, cable needles...etc. etc. that just gets lost if it isn't in one place. The smaller pouches are basically GO bags! I have my scissors, tape measure, some stitch markers, needle gauge, needles and a crochet hook (for fixing stuff!) all ready to go in one little bag and that's the bag I'm putting with my current WIP and my daily knitting.
It holds a ton of stuff and I love it!! Only problem with it so far.... where do I put all those pesky DPN's and my many million circulars?
  Big 'allowed' this purchase as a birthday gift (snort!) a couple of years ago, but after those couple of years and multiple trips to the knitting store, I couldn't close it anymore! It usually looks like this...
So I had to take some out. I put the circulars with 16" cables into Ziploc bags, put some cute designer tape on the bottom, punched a hole in one side and stuck them all on a ring! *I used to do this with my DPN's but the little buggers kept poking their way out of their bags!

My DPN's still live in zip bags, but... I found this cool worm bag at a big sports store and it already has bags! Better, thicker bags... with grommets!!   I just replaced their little rings with bigger rings, used some of my already hole punched zippies and stuck ALL ~ I think it's all... maybe it isn't... ANYWAY.. most of my DPN's in there! It even has little zippered pockets to store even more stuff!
My OCD thinks I'm amazing!! Zippy bags, storage bags, ALL IN ONE PLACE... oh my!!
 How could you not just love it?
Next up...... *sigh* tackling the yarn stash.......

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