Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Confessions of a Yarn Hoarder - Day 2

Figuring out how to start and where to start debunking!

I've accepted the fact that I  have yarn. Lots of yarn. Lots of tools, needles and just plain yarn type stuff. *more sighing* I've also accepted the fact that once again I have to make my yarnstoragesystem work better for me. NO! Not as a way to hide the stuff so Big doesn't see it all.... but as a way to make it more manageable and useful to allow my creative being a chance to be free!  Okay, okay...Yes. I brought my OCD out of the closet today!  But seriously, a little organization will make it easier for me to use my stuff and the organization of it will just make all of me happy! Add the extra bonus of hiding it better from Big and it's a WIN-WIN!!
Only problem is that I'm having a very hard time starting this whole debunking and reorganizing the yarnstoragesystem. I'm motivated *how could I not be with the bonus of hiding it from Big?!
I've been spending hours and hours online (Pinterest) looking up ways to make the whole process easier. Ha. Killing time, avoiding the whole situation.... that's the truth. That's the confession; I can't start. I don't know where to start which makes me basically shut down. I'm stuck. I need a quick kick in the pants to get my butt out of this rut and get moving!
So? What do I do.......
head back over to Pinterest and the good ol' Internet! Someone somewhere has obviously been in the same situation as me ~ maybe not with as much stuff as me, but I know they have got to be out there! Research! That's what I'll call the time I've spent online!! *Just another manifestation of a problem... justifying it.  Believe me, I see my own pitfalls here! I'm my own worst enemy and I know the next time I move the bag of yarn, WIP's and whatnot away from the chair in the living room to vacuum... I'll remember why I'm doing this.
So here's where we're going to start..... oh? You didn't know you were going to do this as well? Ha! You most certainly are!!
Today is officially Day 1! Re-organizing and debunking the yarnstoragesystem AND the yarnimplementtoolstoragesystem (yes.. those are all one word) NO MORE talking about it. More action!
I've picked a small place to start; Patterns! Paper patterns more specifically! I'm going to debunk and de-clutter those paper patterns using the following criteria:
1. IF I have an electronic version of the same pattern I will toss it! *recycled and/or gifted of course!
2. IF the paper version is one that I have a WIP attached to, it will go in the bag with the WIP.
3. Any duplicate paper patterns will be tossed.
4. ALL patterns will be placed in the appropriate section of the notebook... i.e. baby, blankets, clothing, etc.
5. The three notebooks of paper patterns currently on the shelf will be condensed into no more than 2. *gotta give me some room for my obvious obsession with these patterns!
6. I will play LOUD music while doing all the above!
7. I'm going to try and work in baby steps. One small project at a time so tomorrow I will address those books.

**I seem to debunk and declutter every year... sort of a Spring cleaning if you will. Today the sun is shining, it's warm outside so I'm opening the windows to get a breath of fresh air in here... which hopefully will inspire me to get on the ball and get this stuff done!


  1. Good lord woman! Get the ball rolling already!

  2. Yikes! I'm finding yarn and yarn tools EVERYWHERE!!