Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mo's Gifts

 You know all those little hanging patterns at the craft store & fabric store?  Those little hanging things in front of the yarn that are just begging to be taken home?  Yeah those!  This bootie pattern was one of those.  I grabbed it at a store when we lived in Washington State and made a pair for a co-worker's baby.   I totally forgot about it but yesterday when I was digging around in my pattern stash for a completely different pattern, it popped up! !
Because I was in a bit of a time crunch (shower is tomorrow...) I figured that this cute little pattern would work really well!
I think it did!   Aren't they cute!!

This time I kept track of the time it took to knit them.   I started last night while watching TV and worked on bootie #1 for 48.5 minutes... I was almost done!  Just had two more rows & binding off! This morning I woke up extra early~ wasn't my fault!  Dang newspaper slammed into the front door at around 530am. Yay.
It was so peaceful this morning without the kid (he he) being up that I quickly finished up bootie #1 and started on #2! 47 minutes later.... yeah... okay it's just a little over two hours!!   Anyway... I finished bootie #2.  That's just the knitting part!  It only takes a little while to sew up the bottom & back seam so I didn't include that time, but it probably only took another 10 minutes max.  So.. that's like 105.5 - hey!  That's even less than 2 hours, but.. I think I'll stick to the 2 hours ~just in case I added wrong or counted wrong.   I also didn't count the time it took to string the ribbon through the eyelets either...

Mo's Mommy's baby shower is tomorrow so I finished all this stuff just in time!   What a lucky little man Mo is... he gets a little blanket, a hat and booties all too match!  Stylin' lucky man!  Now all he's gotta do is hurry up & get here!!

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