Friday, February 24, 2012

The Invisible Blog

In case you haven't noticed... the blog has been invisible. Completely. Not even visible to my eyes.
I haven't written anything, haven't posted anything, haven't taken a picture of anything BUT I have been knitting. Really.
For some reason the month of February has been filled to the rim with tons of things going on. Lots of stuff to do and places to go.  Even our poor house has suffered. It's a mess. No. Really. A mess. The kitchen table looks like a craft  and a science table! Mostly because the kid's microscope has been allowed to take up residence there.........right next to my glue gun..... But where oh where have the Cupcake's been eating? Yep. You guessed it. On the coffee table in the living room. Sigh. Not good habits! I haven't even been experimenting with cooking. Just cake pops... ugh.. tired of those...

I really don't even have much to show for all the activity happening around here. I keep forgetting to use the camera (who me? yeah..) I have made 10 cabled baby hats - they only take around 2 hours to make so that's nothing! I made 3 for a baby shower last week (2 diff moms!) and made a few for a charity group in DC. That's it. I managed to haul out my incomplete projects and....... well..... let's just say they are still there!

I did finally finish painting my mirror that I found in the alley and it's hung by the front door above the other garbagey treasure (the bookshelf which turned into a shoe/crap storage center) but that's about it. Wow.
A whole month down and not much to show for it!
Guess I'm going to have to step it up a bit next month ~plus get things Spring cleaned and ready for Big to finally get his buns home!! Whoop!
Time to get up and corral some of those dust rabbits! Yeah... the bunnies have grown into full size rabbits............

These are the hats I've been making. Super simple! The one on the left side is my favorite so far.... it's only taken me just around 2 hours to complete one from start to finish! That's probably why I've made 10 of them this past month. LOL
Here is a link to a different cabled hat... that' I'm going to try next...
and here is the link to the hats pictured above...

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