Friday, February 3, 2012

2 Hours Later....

So I got frustrated using those itty bitty knitting kneedles (IBKK)... imagine that huh? They were so tiny that it was hard to hold them and manipulate my yarn the way I'm used to. I can't just loop it over my right index finger & throw it over the needle & wa-la! Stitch made. Nope. Too tiny. Every time I flipped anything the whole thing went flying right across the room! Too much oomph in the flip!!
I did manage to keep going! AND to figure out how to hold the IBKK's and to knit with them... but then I discovered... dang... I made a big boo-boo! Drat it all anyway.
I finally went to bed at 11pm last night ~which is super late for me!! Only after ripping the baby hat out twice, re-starting it twice... ugh. I ended up making a wonderfully little baby boy mobius... or I would have if I didn't just walk away. So that's what I did. I just went to bed & said forget it. (Not really... that's probably not what I said... but I will let your imagine wander here!)
This morning I got up and saw the poor IBKK's just sitting there, tangled up in blue yarn.... ugh. No way am I going to try to make that hat again. It just was not going to happen!
So.... I started another one!! Using the IBKK's of course and doing (gasp!) cables! Yep! Go me!!
I found this pattern (right here)
 and thought Hey! I can make that one! It's got cables, it's a baby hat and I only have until Sunday to finish it! More specifically... has to be finished by Sunday at noon! That's my deadline!
It's a pretty easy pattern. You can either make a 5 cabled hat or a 10 cabled hat. I picked the 5! Didn't want to push my luck and not get this baby done!  I'm really amazed at how quick it knit up! The cables were super easy. C6F (cable six front) and you only do it a couple of time!
The coolest thing of course is that I did it using ONLY my IBKK's - I didn't even switch to dpn's at the very end!
I started this morning.... and almost 2 hours later.....
Ta~Da!!! 5 Cabled Baby Mo Hat!!
I say almost 2 hours, because I didn't really keep track... but total I think I spent just over two hours knitting this little hat! Love it! ~said of course in my best sing-songy voice!!
Now I'm all set for Sunday!
No deadlines to meet... nothing on the needles... oh no! Whatever shall I do....
let's make some more!!! I'm totally going for the ten cabled hat just to see how long it takes me!!

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