Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Favorite Yarn Becomes My New Hat!

Don't you just love it when you finish something and you like the results? Yeah... me too!

I finished my new hat yesterday while sitting at the pool waiting for my fish-child to swim his little heart out.   3 hours at the pool with nothing to do but swim or knit.  Hmmm... what to do, what to do? Guess what I did!  I knitted, swam, knitted some more, swam some more and wa-la! Finished my hat!
So now my new(est) favorite yarn- this stuff right there! That yummy kid mohair blend that I gushed about last week... that yummy stuff knitted with my other favorite, Cascade 220 Superwash, became this...
Yay! I like it!
 I only had to rip it out a billion times - I wasn't paying attention when I started decreasing to form the crown (ugh) and although it's a simple pattern, you kind of have to pay attention. Kind of.  The little windows where the mohair peeks out are just formed by slipping stitches of the main color and then knitting with the contrasting one.
To avoid having ladders (see the picture on the left?) I ordered some short (6inch) circular needles, but because I have no patience and didn't want to wait until later in the week..... I went ahead and bought a pair at the yarn shop in Woodbridge!  The little needles made it easier to decrease on the circulars and to work with a smaller amount of stitches in the round!  I ended up having to switch to dpn's anyway at the very end but the result is really worth it! NO ladders!! I can't wait to remake that baby hat I made last week!
I really like this hat!  It is super duper mega (enough adjectives for you?!) soft and I wish it was a tiny bit smaller ~ just so I could have the softness up closer to my head! LOL
It's a little bigger than I intended because I was a little worried about carrying my yarn around when I created those little windows! Just another reason color work makes me nervous!!!  I was worried that the yarn I carried around the slipped stitches would become too tight and then make the hat too small.   Guess I should have worried a little more about getting it just right huh? Oh well.. next time! This hat is just loose enough where it won't smoosh my hair anyway!
Obviously Boy doesn't think this hat is all that groovy....            But I sure do!

Ha! Thought I would let an opportunity to slip by without plugging a pic of the kid in here!~ LOL

Here's the link again if you want the pattern - http://www.straw.com/cpy/patterns2/accessories/moonshinebejeweled-hat.html

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