Friday, January 27, 2012

My New Favorite Yarn!

I admit it... I have a hard time picking just one favorite yarn. I mean really. Just one? Pick just one? Umm... yeah... pretty hard to do. I usually don't!
I really like Cascade 220 Superwash. That's my go to. The yarn I pick for hats for gifts and for stuff I make for Big. It's a washable wool and it's pretty soft. Not a lot of pilling so it's pretty smooth. I like it. But... my favorite... MOST favorite now has got to be Crystal Palace's Moonshine.
Can't you just tell by the picture that it sooooooooper soft..............
It's a fun kid mohair blend that comes in fabulous rich colors run through with metallic highlights. It creates these lovely soft waves of color..................... (more sighing!) it's dreamy.  It's Super (dooooper) soft and those metallic highlights............ (insert sigh) dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!
I've often said... "when you knit something; make sure you like the yarn you are using"... that way you will finish it and you will probably like it when you are done! Um yeah. Dreamy kid mohair yarn spun with metallic highlights (yeah.. I keep saying it out loud... kid mohair, metallic highlights), what's not to love with this stuff?
I found it just before Christmas over at my favorite little yarn store in Fairfax, VA ( and I had to have it.
 Oh I know. I know,  okay?  I have (have) to have yarn a lot but this stuff was just singing to me... take me home... take me home.... so I did. Just one. One small little ball and a pattern!
I actually bought something with a planned purpose. This stuff was going to be mixed with Cascade 220 Superwash (purple!) and made into a hat for me!   Usually I just buy it because I like it, hoping that some day I will have a purpose for it. Sigh.  Not this stuff! I knew exactly what I was going to make with it and even bought the main color and took it all home that day!
My original intention was to make this over Christmas break while at home in the woods. Ha! I spent too much time gallivanting around seeing my family and my new grandson that the dreamy kid mohair spun with metallic highlights (ha! say it again... do it!) just sat in my bag, waiting and waiting....
Today I started it! I'm between projects. Got nothing on needles anywhere so I went ahead and opened it up..... did I tell you how dreamy soft this stuff was? Yeah....
The hat is started out using the CC (contrast color), which in this case is the Moonshine. Then you rib for 1.5 inches in the MC (main color = 220 Superwash) and then you make little 'window's in the work by knitting with the CC and slipping the MC. You can't really tell yet... but here is a link to the pattern. Which, by the way is a FREE pattern! Woot!

The pattern says it's for an advanced beginner (me!!) to an intermediate knitter, but so far it's been pretty easy. Except that my first row of peek through with Moonshine, I only did 3 rows instead of 4. Aaaargh... I didn't take it out though... I'm hoping I won't mind later! AND nobody will ever notice... except I told you didn't I. Just pretend like you don't notice when you see me wearing this hat. Okay?
So I'm off to knit! It's Friday night..... Big's freezing his buns off over 'there' and Boy is starting his Friday night movie marathon........ so it's me & my new favorite yarn hanging out!

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