Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mo's Hat

Boy oh Boy! The new Mr. Mo isn't even here yet and he's getting loaded up on presents! I just finished his little cabled hat and although I think I figured out that I can do cables, I'm just not real thrilled with this hat.
I need to figure out a way to not have ladders between the needles. You know those wonkity areas between your  dpn's when you're working in the round?  Those ladders. Ugh I hate those.
 Usually when I'm knitting with dpn's, I knit the first stitch, then right when I'm knitting the second, I pull it really really tight. I learned that in a sock class. Prevents ladders really nicely, but...... obviously.... with my little cabled hat here, not so much.
See that line running between the cables - the cable in the middle and then the cable to the left? It looks like a ridge? Yep. Those are ladders. Ugly. U G L Y ugly. Unfortunately there are 3 ridges on this hat - right where those bad boy dpn's were. Ugh.
I like how the hat looks from far away (ha!) like here on my rooster...oh nuts... the ridge is still there. I'm not going to point this one out... but I know you will see it.
I really do like this hat. Really. I especially like how the cables start in the ribbing and go all the way to the top.
I think I'm still going to give Mo his hat. I think.
Maybe I will just knit up another one and see how that one works. Hm mm....
One thing that I learned about this hat.. I CAN DO CABLES! Woohoo!
I know they aren't hard, I just kept thinking that there was more to them than basically twisting a stitch here and there, doing something different on the next row ~ that's where I got the glitch! Wait?! Do something different on the next row? Really? How does that make a cable. Duh.
Just follow the pattern like it says and very nicely, it cables all by itself. Well, with just a little t3f, t3b, c4f kind of stuff, but it really works!
I even tried Mo's hat on a boy who isn't Mo.  I'm not sure Boy even noticed, but I needed a model!!
Oh well.... maybe it will look better once it gets blocked and then stretched onto a cute baby head.
Here's hoping!

HERE is the link to the pattern for the Cabled Baby Hat aka Mo's Hat!

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