Saturday, December 10, 2011

Necessary Knitting

December 10th & 11th Weekend Forecast........
The forecast for this weekend shows a glaringly busy day on Saturday, somewhat slower, with glittery wrapping paper all over the place on Sunday and then a final burst of the big goodbye late Sunday afternoon.
Big is heading out to a country far, far away (and it's not in fairy tale land) so we needed to have our family Christmas  before he went.... it's important for us to be a family all year long, but especially during the holidays when we are so far from home and when one of us will be gone.
It's kind of nice having Christmas early ~ now Boy and I get to enjoy everything without the frenzy of all the holiday jazz that seems to happen! We now get to enjoy the rest of the season totally laying low and having fun with his new stuff!
The only problem is with our weekend plan......... my needles and yarn don't seem to be showing up in the forecast for the next two days. Bummer. That may be the only thing that might keep me sane. Or at least send me in the right direction.
I admit it... knitting isn't probably as important as I seem to be making it. It's not as necessary as it was - I don't have to knit socks and undies  to stay warm, but it seems kind of necessary in my scheme of things!  If I don't knit..... will my family survive?  Will I become stressed that my family becomes a story on the front of the Post?  It is of course NOT all about me.... I'm doing this for them!
While we all knit for different reasons, I think you may agree with me here! If I need to stay sane in a sea of chaos.... well...... I must (MUST) have yarn.
It's soothing and calming for starters. It's even kind of centering.   I have to focus on the thing right in front of me and my ability to complete it (without making a huge mess of it!) I get to withdraw a little bit from whatever is happening around me and focus on just that one thing!   I can be separate (a bit) from the 101 things happening at once around here. It's not escapism... it's sanity creeping in! Slow down! Take a minute! Chill out!
I've progressed to where I can knit AND carry on a conversation AND watch television. Ultimate multi-tasking! Go me! But I also get to just slow down and relax and make something. I can knit, center myself and still look like I'm part of the mess in the living room!
So I'm off to enjoy the weekend (at home) and while the boy's are plugged into that new video game, I think I will make a hat! A necessary thing to keep Big's ears warm while he is gone but also a necessary thing to keep me sane in the chaos!
Happy Knitting ~ Happy Christmas (early for us!)

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