Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Me & Crochet

Okay so crochet looks easy. It's just taking little loops of yarn (yum yarn!) and looping it over itself and through itself and around a hook. One hook.
 Not two sticks like knitting. How hard can it be?
Um.......It's gotta be harder to handle two sticks.... right?
I've crocheted stuff before. Really I have. I try to follow the directions and I end up with some sort of weird thing....... like a hat that could work as a propane tank cover.
* Not a propane tank like the one for your gas grill, but one of those big kind that sit in your yard and heat your entire house. Yeah. That big.
 Luckily I stop before I actually make it that big, but I can totally see where I could end up. Sigh.
If I don't follow directions ~which believe it or not folks......... is verrrry hard for me to do (another big loud sigh here!) I actually can make stuff. I guess I just can't treble crochet the right way, or count in the round.... I just have to do whatever makes it look okay. Hmmmm.
I've tried to sit and follow directions...... really.... honest........ yes, Ms. V I have! But... I've truly found that if I just get a picture in my head of what it's supposed to look like and then insert hook into yarn here and there randomly......... tada! It may work. May.
How small are heads anyway? A bigger hat probably is warmer..... right?
I've spent a lot of time in front of my computer lately looking at crocheted stuff. Dreamy. Lacy (lacey?) flouncy and oh so lovely.
Knitting is cool! Don't get me wrong! I am totally not going to stop knitting........... it's just that the elusive crochet is drawing me to it.
I will do it!
I will be able to follow a crochet pattern and
(here's the kicker!) have it turn out like the pattern and the picture show it should be!
I will!!
In the meantime....
I'm going to continue to work on my Christmas knitting projects, peruse the Internet for crochet tutorials, hound my friend V for directions and practice, practice, practice!
Here is just one of the crochet things I'm dreaming I can make...
Won't this look great in a yard... over one of those ugly propane tanks? Hmmmmmm.... dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!

Here's a challenge for some of you crocheters out there....

watch the video!

I think that race is on for some Beanies for Bravery! The people on the FB page have listed their completion times for these hats... wow!
I can actually make these! I really can!
I've sent two to the address on the FB/blog page and am sending hubs with a couple when he deploys next week!

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