Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How Much Does a Mile of Yarn Cost?

I was looking at the blog today and couldn't come up with anything interesting, funny, snarky or knitty to tell you about.......... talk about being stuck huh? This is really weird! I don't usually get this stuck for this long and I most always can find something to talk about!
To get inspired (time wasting) I started rearranging the blog page and adding little gadgets (widgets?). I changed some settings and during one of my thousand previews, I looked over at the right hand side and ..... woah! I've knit how far this year?  That can't be right.
Remember the squirrel under the oak tree....... after a windstorm............ yep!! Squirrel!!!!
See that little pink & white box?  Over on the right side of the blog?  Yep. That one! The KnitMeter.
It's a cool little widget that you can pick up over at www.knitmeter.com *just click*
This little doo-dad keeps track of  (and lets me show off ) how much I've knitted this year! I can even add how much I've spun ~IF I ever get that far!
You can keep track and show others how much you have knit, crocheted, and spun with your very own KnitMeter too! ~How's that for a sales pitch huh?  No sales though... it's....... best price ever!..... FREE!! You can even add one to your face book settings! AND it's not just for knitting! It's for crocheting and spinning too!!
 It's a little dorky, but...... hey! I've tried keeping track of the projects I've made by taking pictures and putting them into a little album, but somehow... I always fall short! There seems to be a few (just a couple) empty slots in the little album, but when I go to my blog.... Ta-DA! There it is! 6.25 miles of yarn knitted for 2011! 
I admit..............
I've been a little short here too. I haven't kept up by adding every project I've done this year so I went ahead this morning and added some of the things I did!  This bumped me from 5 miles to over 6! Woohoo! AND I added even more while I was working on the blog....... so now look how many miles I've made!  Kinda looks like I don't do anything else.... geez....... I do! Honest!
Now..... I just gotta add everything I've made this year & see how many total miles I've knitted. Which brings me to.......... hmmm.......... how much does a mile of yarn cost?
If I put the miles into context of how much each skein cost............................. oh wow.  Just exactly how much (yikes) did one of those seven miles (AND still counting)  cost?  Just one of those miles was a verrry expensive mile ~I remember buying a skein of something that made Big sigh (loudly) but some couldn't have been that much..... right?
That was not helpful. Not at all.
Hopefully Big NEVER sees my KnitMeter!  If he does... let's just hope he doesn't look at it with dollar signs in his eyes..........I may be in trouble..........

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