Thursday, November 17, 2011

Meet My Yarn Condo.....

The Yarn Condo was an organizing project that started a couple of years ago when 2 silly yarn friends went to Ikea. They went with a purpose (of course) and ended up with oh so much more!
I think (I think!) they went to purchase a table for crafts, some bookshelves, and something to store yarn, but what ended up in their carts was this........
!Yarn Condo!
Four stackable ANTONIOUS frames (hey! They aren't that expensive!) some ANTONIOUS
wire baskets, some nifty ANTONIOUS plastic bins and wa-la! The Yarn Condo was born!!!
Totally out of necessity.... of course......
The silly girls put together the frames and the wire baskets...... oh no! Some of the small stuff falls through! Silly girl! Can't have that! Now another trip to that IKEA store near Seattle was required!  It was only (only) an hour drive.........but some buckets were needed! Let's get some fabric baskets and maybe some nifty little organizer thingys to put inside those buckets and baskets! How about a couple of tops! Yes! Lids were definitely needed!
Phew! Disaster averted! Storage complete!!!

The 'yarn condo' holds a plethera of supplies! Ribbon & fabric, paint and glue .......

Ribbon - held in place with a small bin inside the bigger one!

By adding a storage bin inside the wire basket... nothing falls through!

Ooooh fabric... just another nasty habit of mine!

Sock yarn basking in their bin!

and ........ Yarn!!!! 
Remember? This all started out as a storage system for yarn ...............yeah...........
Right now the baskets and frames are stacked 2x2 (two on top of the other two!).   The configuration can be changed - yarn on top, fabric on bottom........ all four frames beside each other and not stacked... three stacked and one beside...... the possibilities are endless!  Believe me! I've tried a bunch!

The condo can even be easily packed up by movers (who aren't always so diligent in how they pack) and transported to the next place! The bins & buckets don't even have to be unloaded - they just get wrapped with paper (things still inside), placed in a box, one on top of the other.... and they make it all in one piece!! Move and mover proof!

The 'yarn condo' makes me soooo happy! I can have my yarn sorted by color (if I want), by texture (if I wanted that too!) or by type! I have a bin for wool, one for baby yarn, one for (gasp!) acrylic, and one for cotton! I have almost all of my stuff nearly in one spot! Almost! Nearly!!
I either have too much stuff, or just need more storage!
I really think........... I just need some help!

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