Wednesday, November 16, 2011


For those of us with a need to organize....... oh... okay... a compulsion, obsession ~whatever! This post is for you!!
I've spent the past few days re- organizing my junk! My stuff! AND my favorite thing of all......... my yarn stash!!
I admit.. it's been pretty organized (always) but now it's a little, well..... over the top?

The "yarn condo" aka storage towers in my sewing/craft room are organized by type! One whole bin for sock yarn - yumm!

As I was digging around in my craft closet - which is of course attached to the craft room! I found my scrapbook travel bag! Hmmm..... haven't used that stuff in a while! I found a new home for all the scrapbook stuff and am turning this baby into a 
travelling knitting bag! Go me!!

 I even made a little corner in the dining room for............ yep! You guessed it! More yarn!
It's all hidden in cool baskets, dark boxes and tucked into a corner so even the kid doesn't roll his eyes at me and say.. "gee Mom? Got enough yarn?" -yeah .. um no... Mr. Smarty.  At least I can sit here quietly and knit while the kid is doing homework at the table!

I didn't stop there! I figured I was on a roll............
Might as well take some time & make sure all the little stuff is all put together!
This is some of my older organization........
I made this needle roll almost 4 years ago and it's still holding up! Hard to believe that all my needles fit in here at one time... wow...

Probably my most favorite thing I've done with my needles is this cheap, easy, zip lock bag idea!  I don't even remember when I came up with this but I think it's cool and it works so well!
I put my dpn's into zip lock bags, wrote the # on the front; used a paper punch to make a hole in one corner and stuck them all on a metal ring!
I usually hang it on the yarn condo but now that I'm using the scrapbooking bag..... it may move!~

Not to leave my circulars without a home....I bought this Namaste needle case because it has little "pockets" for each size! AND honestly,  I just had to have it! Had to!  I love how I can leave my circular needles in their wrappers (no naked needles!) and they still all fit and can be organized by size! Even without their packages, I am still able to find a #6, 24 inch in a hurry!   Hmm.... I may need to get one of these cases for each length.... 16 inch, 24 inch.... oh my.........
Even the crochet hooks now have a home! A recycled tin with an easy printable sticker! I really need to step this up a notch huh?

Welcome to the Yarn Condo!

I bought some (all right... 4) of these stacking storage frames and a lot of baskets & bins. I've had them in all different configurations but stacking them up seems to work the best!  My friend V started calling this the 'yarn condo' right after we stacked them all up! (You can look HERE to see how much everything costs & where to purchase.)  The whole thing wasn't extremely expensive and I like how I can sort my yarn into different categories just by putting them into separate bins!
A little OCD anyone? Anyone?

There is still a lot of work to do, I'm not feeling that I'm done! I'm having fun organizing everything but I'm a little worried that I might (just maybe) have to take a trip down 95 to that big blue & yellow store for some more storage ideas!! ~Shhhhh....... do NOT tell Big!


  1. Oh, I'm in love! All of my yarn is in a plastic tote and I want to get more! I was at JoAnn's the other day and wanted to get at least half of the yarn that was there.

  2. Me too....... oh wait! I have most of it at my house!! LOL
    My latest obsession is Cashmerino - mmmmmmmm soft!