Sunday, October 30, 2011

Knit Along a Sweater...........

The newest addition to the Cupcake Clan will be here in December! NOT mine, but my grandson!! The very first one and the very first great grandchild and (oh my gosh I just realized this!) first great-great grandson! Wow. All on my mother's side of the family. I repeat myself...Wow! We must have all started early. Tee-hee! I know some of them did!!
Anyway, the new bitty cake (man, I gotta come up with a cupcake-ish name for this kid!) is supposed to be here right around Christmas! His birthday is supposed to be December 23rd so that gives me a little time, but......... if you know me..... it may take a little while to knit up something for my new guy! I've known about the bitty cake since spring, but haven't gotten around to making him anything yet.
Really? How long should it take to knit a baby something? It's small right?
Yeah... I've been thinking about it all summer and now that it's fall... well... I better get my rear in gear!
I think I've finally decided to start with a sweater..... I'd love to whip out a sweater in a day, but... I get distracted with everything else around me and usually I'm off starting something else!

The hardest part of any knitting project for me is which one? Which one do I pick? I get stuck looking at all of my patterns I've printed, borrowed, stolen (lol) and then I get beyond the starting process and oh no!! I've got all these ideas in my head and I haven't picked a darn thing! What the heck?
Yeah. That's me...... going in 17 directions at 18 different times!
Anyway..... rather than going off into another direction..........
I am going to make my favorite baby sweater! It's really simple and doesn't take long ~which is good for me to keep track of myself with! I found it online a couple of years ago for my favorite price... FREE!... and have made it several times and have loved it each time I've made it! - click on the link and you will go right to it!

Imagine that! Another picture of Boy!
I really like the patterns from and the things I've made from here are all really easy to follow and knit up fast! The silver sweater I made for Boyo is a sweater I bought here!

AND guess what else! I even have the yarn! No kidding! No more procrastinating! I can start today!!
I'm using Lion Brand Yarn A Pound of Love in a Denim Blue! It's not my favorite yarn by any means, but it isn't too bad! It softens up the more you wash it and YES you can wash it!! Perfect for baby! PLUS with a pound of this stuff I can make a sweater and a small car seat blanket! Go me!!!
I've decided to do this as a knit along! If you wold like to join me - please do!! You can add comments to the bottom of this blog post and/or email me with the info at the right! I would love to post pictures of what everyone else is doing on here and definitely be here if you need a little help!
This pattern really is sooooo simple and I don't think you will need much help at all!

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