Monday, October 31, 2011

KAL Day 1

Yay! You've decided to hang out with me to knit a baby sweater!
Just in case you forgot or you can't find it... here is the pattern...........
click on resources in the upper right corner and then on free patterns! It's the simple baby cardigan shown in pink!
I've changed my mind what yarn I'm using! I decided to splurge a little (a lot) and go with Cashmerino Baby by Debbie Bliss.  I've bought a yummy soft pretty blue ~there isn't a color name. Just a number; 340032. *If you're spending $money$ on yarn try and get the same dye lot for all your skeins! Sometimes they are different dye lots and it does show up. Sometimes not! BUT if you're spending $10 a skein... go for it & get them all the same!
I love how this Baby Cashmerino feels and so far it's knitting up oh so yummily!
With this pattern you need to use a circular needle and dpn's!!  You don't knit in the round with the circular, but at times you will have so many stitches on that you need the cable to hold all those babies! You will use dpn's (double pointed needles) to knit the sleeves in the round! It's easy! If you haven't worked with dpn's.... this will be a good place to start! I'm using my clear, acrylic Knitpicks needles #7 and a 24 inch cable.  For my dpn's I have bamboo! 
Are you ready to start? Got all your yarn? Your needles, your pattern? Good! Me too!
So....... the pattern says to cast on 60 stitches (I'm making the 6 month size) and I knit fairly tight so I know this size will be a good one for a new baby and get him through the first couple of months! Which may buy me some time to make some more stuff!
It's okay to follow the pattern exactly. In fact... that's probably what we should do, but my friend Christen has encouraged me to try and branch out a little! Try something new!
If YOU want to change things up a bit .... here we go!!
Cast on........
you can do the regular ol' cast on that you usually use - it will work out well....This sweater starts off at the top of the hood - the part that frames the face! Once you get the whole sweater done.... you head back up to that hood and seam the rectangle into a hood! You get a seam right down the center of the top of the head. Which is cool.......... BUT if you don't seam so well....... not that great!
Well...... I cannot. Not well at all! My seams end up looking all wonkity and weird and I just don't like them! This time I'm trying something new!
 I'm doing a provisional cast on!   *click on that link for a quick definition and tutorial*  I'm casting on my stitches using the provisional cast on method so I end up with live stitches when I'm all done! That way no seaming! Just grafting.  Seriously! The Kitchener stitch for grafting is really pretty simple!

A provisional cast on is a method of way of casting on your stitches and beginning a knitted project so  the cast on is invisible (love that!) and can be knit from either direction. You can use this cast on if you want to add some sort of knitted trim at the end (how about a furry trim for a little girl?) or you want to be able to end up with live stitches that I can be graft (Kitchener stitch) together for an almost invisible seam!  Because I don't like how my seams end up when I sew them together... I'm using the provisional cast on method!!
How can you do it too?
Well....... I could show you........ or....... you could watch this here video....... this one right here!
*click on the link to go to a youtube video on how to do the provisional cast on!*
Lucy Neatby shows you exactly how I do it - because I learned it from watching her! I figured it was easier just to plug a video in from someone else! Easier to watch that way too!
Here's what mine looks like! I used a hot pink so it was totally noticeable!
Now I'm off to the races! Or off to knit!! Have fun!!
Just follow the directions like they are written in the pattern and you'll be fine!
IF you get stuck..... just ask!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of the KAL Baby Sweater..........

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  1. PS You need some stitch markers too! OR even better... use some leftover yarn in a different color! You definitely need these! It shows where to make the increases.....