Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Favorite Dress Pattern

I love it when I buy a pattern and then I use it over and over and over!!  I've made this same little dress twice for the same little girl!! Once when she was born and now again for her first birthday!!  I think this pattern is just going to be my most favorite dress pattern from now on!! 
I do have one little problem with this pattern though......
  I have a hard time deciding just what yarn and/or color combination to use!!
The first one (top right) is made out of a washable worsted weight that was super mega soft... but I can't remember what it was now! Hey! It was almost a year ago!!
The next one is made out of Berroco Remix - 100% recycled fibers!!
I started out on this  second one with a completely different yarn and color scheme, but then I changed my mind after I got the yoke done! It wasn't my fault!! It was the yarn's fault! The Remix made me do it!
I didn't even change up the pattern on this one. I just knit it by following the directions. I was worried about halfway through thinking it might be boring, but this rose color is going to look lovely on that little gorgeous girl!   With her coloring and her adorable little self.... well.... I think she's pretty perfect so it doesn't really matter what I make stuff out of for her. Not really!
Now I'm just going to have a really hard time waiting for her birthday in June.............

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