Wednesday, March 21, 2012


My little family has been trying to recycle most everything!  Most of our trash goes into our recycle bin rather than the garbage!  We even try to buy products that use less packaging and are made out of things that were something else at one time.   So, it totally made sense to buy recycled yarn and use leftover yarn as well!  My first foray into recycled fibers was this past Christmas at home in Michigan. I bought some mill ends at a local mill. [LINK] That's the stuff that is too short, or not just 'right' and usually gets thrown away. 
I have enough problems trying to figure out how to  stash use my leftovers and really didn't even think about what the mills do with theirs.  Sad huh?  There's all that leftover yarn just waiting for someone to use it up!!  This has made me look at yarn in a totally different way.  It makes sense to use up something that may go to waste, right?  Now when I go into a yarn shop I look around to see if there is anything recycled, or mill ends, or even seconds. Doesn't have to be perfect!!  I think that Big kind of hopes that I will head upstairs into my own little yarn store before I head out to a real yarn store! I'm working on it!!
This weekend  Boy and I spent a little time at one of our favorite yarn shops here in Virginia (shh! Don't tell) and guess what I found!! Yeah... hard to believe that I spend any time in a yarn shop and frequently find yarn!
This is what I found:
Berroco Remix - 100% Recycled Fibers! Yay!!
I really think that this stuff makes the top 10 list of all time favorite yarns and it most certainly makes the FPOW for this week!!  (Favorite Product of the Week)
It's soft, squishy, knits up well, isn't mega expensive (not really) and ....insert drum roll.... it's 100% recycled!!
 Yay! More recycled fibers!

Berroco Remix
100% Recycled Nylon, Cotton, Acrylic, Silk and Linen!
$10.50 for 100g/216yds/200m *not awful... but...yeah I know. I'm a bit of a yarn snob.

So far it's knitting up great!  It doesn't seem to split like other yarns that have acrylic fibers and it's really soft on the hands.   I think even my needles love it because my Addi Turbos are slipping through this stuff like BUTTER!!
Which makes me giggle... because the little girl I'm gifting this to (making a dress for) is also called Butter!!

SO!! A little help is now required from you Dear Reader... do you have any favorite products (FPOW's ) that you would share with me??  Pretty Please??  You can either add a comment to the bottom, hit me up over on FB or email!!  Thanks in advance!

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