Monday, January 16, 2012

Mo's Blankie!

One of our favorite couples is having their first baby in May!  Yay! Baby knitting can now begin!!
Baby Mo isn't 'scheduled' to be here until May but his Mommy's baby shower is in just a couple of weeks! Shh... don't tell his Mommy..... I just finished a blanket for the new little dude........

Meet Mo's Blankie~
Baby's real name is a secret until after his parents meet him first so we've all been calling him 'Baby Mo'!

It's a super simple basket weave pattern using soft worsted weight yarn & size 8 needles.
I can't even remember where I found the pattern but here it is......
800yds soft worsted weight yarn
#8 knitting needles (Gauge 8sts & 12 rows = 2inch basket weave pattern)
CO 92 sts. Knit 8 rows
Begin eyelet section
Row 1: k4, *YO, k2 tog, repeat from*across to last 4 sts. YO, K4 (93 sts)
Row 2: k2, P across to laast 4 sts, k4
Row 3: k4, YO, ssk, K across to last 7sts. K3 tog, YO, K4 (92sts)
Begin basket weave
Row 1: Wrong side! k2,p2, *k4,p4, repeat from *across to last 6sts, p2,k4
Row 2: Right side! k4, YO, ssk, *K4, P4, repeat from*across to last 6sts, k2tog, YO, k4
Row 3 &5 - repeat Row 1
Row 4 & 6 - repeat Row 2
Row 7: k4, p2, *p4, k4, repeat from * across to last 6 sts, p2, k4
Row 8: k4, YO, ssk, *p4,k4, repeat from *across to last 6 sts, K2tog, YO, k4
Rows 9 & 11: Repeat Row 7
Rows 10 & 12: Repeat row 8.
Repeat Rows 1-2 until blanket measures approx 35 inches, ending with Row 12 (right side)
Ending Eyelet Section
Row 1: k4, p across to last 4 sts, K4
Row 2: k4, YO, ssk, *YO, K2tog, repeat from *across to last 6 sts. K2tog, YO, K4
Row 3: K4, P across to last 4 sts, K4.
Knit next 8 rows ~bind off.
[Yo=yarn over, SSK = slip, slip knit]

It really is a super simple and fast knit - IF you pay attention and change directions when you're supposed to! Just ask me how mahy times I started the first part of the basket weave and then had to rip it out......... oh well! It sure looks good now!
Now I'm off to make Mo a hat!

Can't forget to add it (and all of my 2012 projects!)  to my Knit Meter

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