Monday, November 7, 2011

The Moody Sweater

Rememer how y'all were supposed to come up with a name for the KAL? Something other than KAL a Baby Sweater? Hmmmm?
Yeah... you forgot.
That's okay . Really.
It's okay.
 I did too until just a little while ago!
Here's the backstory.................... which will (it will) bring you around to the new name of the KAL!
My friend Christen has the most beeeeeyooooteeeeeful kid (My Best Buddy Ever!) and we were all so excited to meet Baby #2! I was so excited that I started knitting up a sweater in March! I had it finished and waiting for the baby shower which wasn't until May!!! C'mon Baby!! Hurry Up!!! 
When we met Baby Butter....... we were in love! So glad I made the effort and knitted her something!
I honestly forgot all about the sweater until just recently....  when I was thinking up a KAL and then starting a new sweater for my grandchild (C'mon December!!) That's when I remembered and started bugging Christen for a picture of Baby Butter* wearing her sweater!
Because I hadn't seen said sweater on said cute child........... I asked Christen to pleeeeeeeease send me a picture! I told her I wanted to post the picture of a completed sweater in the KAL so that we would  know what to aim for!   Which,  honestly (honest) is the main reason I wanted it, but now that she sent me the picture.... the other reason reared it's little head right up! So.... probably my real to honest reason was I just wanted to see the kiddo in the sweater. Sue me! She's flippin' adorable!!
 See? Beeeyoooteeeful!

She's still cute even though she's screaming!
Christen sent me the pictures today........ when Butter wasn't being her usually easy-going self! You can see by the pictures that she's running through a bunch of different emotions while showing off her cuteness............ which brings us to the name........... THE MOODY SWEATER!!!! See? I told you the story would get you here!
How awesome is that?! NOT nearly as awesome as the cuteness wearing the sweater, but Christen definitely wins a prize for coming up with the name!

*Baby Butter really isn't her name (honest) but it's what my kid calls her and well........ hopefully we will be over it by the time she goes off to college............

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