Sunday, March 17, 2013

Look What I Made!

Remember when you were a kid and you would bring your school papers home from school? Holding them tightly on the bus so they wouldn't get smooshed?  Then waving them in front of your parents faces while yelling (loudly of course!) "Hey! Look what I made!"
Remember that? That's what I'm doing right now......... so .....wiggle your computer around a bit and think (out loud please) Hey! Look what she made!  Thanks!   Now that that's out of the way.... LOOK WHAT I DID! *insert giggles here*  This is the link to the Ravelry page where you can see the actual sock pattern!
These are the Rowan Moon Socks (originally Rowan Tree socks) that I made for Big!   The designer for this pattern needed testers to test it and I thought I could. So I did!  The patterns I've been using are posted in a forum (Ravelry)  prior to being published to ensure no errors and that it works.   The bonus for the tester (ME!) is that you get to test yourself (time limits, and some other minor requirements) and then keep the pattern. Did I mention.. for free!?  The requirements on this one were fairly simple,  I just had to post updates of my progress, report any mistakes and then link my project to her pattern page when it was all done. Easy~peasy!  It just happens that I am super (duper) happy with the results AND the pattern AND the socks but....  the designer, well.......  **insert more computer wiggling here.....she liked my socks (or at least the picture of them) sooo much she asked if she could feature it on her page and in the pattern itself!!!Whoop! Go Me!! I thought the socks were pretty rockin' when I was done with them, but now......
I'm all jumpin' up and down' waving my computer and yellin' "Look what I did!"
I know, I know... this is a repost of something I already did... but hey! Did you see what I did??
Just in case you missed it....... I'm a tad bit stoked about this!!

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