Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Knitting on the Run

Even though I have at least two (more?) projects going at one time I still find myself grabbing the same little bag with the same little project in it every time I leave the house. My kid laughs and thinks I can't leave the house without yarn, but... guess what?! He's probably right! What if I get stuck in traffic? What if I find myself with a wait and gasp! Nothing to do? Better take that project with me when I leave the house... be prepared!
What is your go-to ~ or in this case, your 'go with' knitting projects? The one project that you take with you when you have to wait in the dentist office? The project that doesn't require a whole lot of concentration to work happily away on while you are waiting or just plain stuck? I don't know about you, but for me this has to be something I really don't have to think about and can just knit.  It just has to be something that will take my mind off of my wait and keep my fingers and brain happy.
Now is the part where you get to laugh at me. Yep. Laugh away......
My go-with project lately has been.......... socks. What?! Socks?! Um yeah.... socks. Not just any old socks, but two-at -a-time socks, hand knit by me. Yeah. Me. I know, I know... I did say it, I admit it. I said "socks were dumb and I wouldn't make them".  Laughing? I knew you would. I'm laughing too. Every time I need a new little project to keep me busy.....without a whole lot of thought and/or effort.... I pick up that 40 inch cable needle and some sock yarn. I make socks. I admit it. I do something I thought was dumb and guess what else? I like it. Yep. I do. I like making socks!
I've made socks for me, the kid and for Big. Guess what?! They like them! ! Guess what else?  They laughed  when I said that I was going to make them socks.  Big even said he thought I wasn't ever going to make socks.  Zip-it Big and enjoy those socks I see on your feet every night! 
I'm almost to the point where I don't have to look at the pattern (too much) when I make a pair of toe-up, two at a time socks, and I totally agree. Me making socks (without following a pattern line for line) is super funny considering where I was a year ago! They were dumb remember?
Here is a picture of my most recent socks... these are for ME!!
I'm also a bit of a yarn snob... but this 93% Acrylic, 7% Polyester(elasthane) yarn by Plymouth Yarn (Diversity) is super soft and slightly elastic. It's going to feel really nice on my tootsies!!  The price tag for 420 yards was less than $10 so it fits into Big's budget pretty well, but now I just have to figure out how to convince him that he isn't really seeing another skein of yarn and definitely isn't looking at yet another pair of socks being knit up by me!

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