Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eeegads! More Socks!

I seem to have gone from, 'no. I don't make socks. Socks are dumb," to an overly obsessed, knitting nothing but socks kinda girl. Eeegads. Just how many pairs of socks does one person need anyhow?
It's all good though because I seem to be cruising through my stash of sock yarn.... or at least that's the impression I'm giving Big!!   Big doesn't seem to notice (maybe he pretends not to...?) the sock yarn that suddenly shows up and I'm hoping that he wouldn't guess that it came from someplace other than the stash bin upstairs.  Well.... that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!  We just won't talk about the other yarn I've bought had stashed. As long as every so often, a pair I'm knitting ends up on Big's feet. He's really happy when that happens!
When I sit and actually add up the numbers.... just since Christmas 2012... 3 pair for Big, 1 for me (another on the needles) and 2 pair for Boy.... that's only 6 pair. Ha! Seven. That's not so much I guess. I sort of lose track because I work on different pairs at different times, so it's a little hard to tell just how many I've made....  Another story I shall stick to I think, because what I didn't count is the travelling sock KAL I've recently joined AND the test knit of yet another pair that I'm doing as well.  Sigh. At least I've admitted that it's a recent obsession so cut me so slack huh?
 Honestly though, if I look into my knitting bag (and corners of the room(s) where I knit) there are only 3 on needles right now. One of those is the pair for the Travelling Sock Circle.  I work on a small part of each sock in the circle (8) and then send it on to the next person.  Every couple of weeks I should get another pair to do something on and then send it. Fuelling the obsession? Maybe. Also it could be a way for me to knit socks without really having to spend too much time (and probably money) on more socks! Winning!!  The other two pairs in that bag are a pair for me I started almost a month ago. It's the pair I work on while waiting or when I don't really have to think about what I'm doing. **Did you get that? ME saying that socks have become easy. Um... yeah. They are. I can work on a pair without really spending a whole lot of thought! My kind of stuff!!  The last pair in the bag is only one lonely sock right now ~ which sort of confirms my thought that some socks are dumb (in this case the method of knitting the sock). Top down, one at a time socks are kinda dumb, I think. I much prefer ~ and so does my attention span ~ knitting two at once! No second sock syndrome!  This most recent pair is a really lovely sock. It has cables and the self -striping yarn makes those babies really pop. I should be done with this pair sock in the next couple of days and maybe, just maybe, having to finish that second sock will ease my obsession for a while!

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