Monday, October 22, 2012

Should've Started in July....

It's almost Halloween but I'm already thinking about Christmas and it's not because the stores have Christmas displays... which really stinks, but it's because I've decided to make stuff for my family rather than buying gifts.  Most of my family doesn't really need anything anyway and will totally love (THEY BETTER) a handmade hat, scarf, warm thing from me. I hope.
The list isn't really that long.  There are only eight  of them, but I really need to get a move on if I'm going to get it done.  AND then... what about Aunt G, my brother and his two guys, and, and, and.... oh my. Let's start by making a list and checking it twice before we go much further here.
I've started a sweater for Boy Wonder (way back in June and I haven't done anything with that in a while.  Okay, put that into the pile on top of the knitting basket.....

I've finished the Little's Bat Hat *shown here on my lovely model Boy Wonder! and will be painting up a cozy coupe to resemble a batmobile for him too! He's a lucky grandbaby for sure!
I want to make his big sisters fingerless mitts & neck warmers and I'm sure glad there is only two on that list!
 I know the colors I want to use and have the yarn so let's put that into the pile too!
Now that brings us to DIL (daughter in law).... I'm thinking a floppy, slouchy hat but have no idea what color to do it in. Just going to have to ask her I guess!
Boy's Big Brother #1,  not sure I'm going to make him anything; he's pretty fussy... but... how about a Bathat too!  More yarn into the pile!
Boy's Big Brother #2  will be getting some sort of hat and neck warmer for hunting camp. Just need to decide if it's going to be camouflage or bright orange.
Now that leaves me with PPU, MPU (Papa & Mama Parental Unit) and Big himself. Sigh....
I have no idea what to make for PPU. I've already made him a cool hat and a neckwarmer last Christmas and I know he wears it, but.....
See... he looks like some sort of bank robber! He looks funny so I know for sure he wears it. He's kind of like that!
MPU is getting this lovely, LOVERLY cowl/neckwarmer made out of Shalimar Breathless and I think it will look fabulous when she's out for a spring ride on her Harley!
Big.... he's another story. He likes everything I make him, but he's usually the guinea pig so he's got one of everything..... although there is that sweater lurking in the bottom of my knitting basket. *I started it a year ago, messed it up, tore it out, started over and well... let's just say... there it sits...
Yikes! There is only 63 day...... until Christmas.
Good Grief! I better get my knit on!


  1. Oh I love what the Shalimar became. It's great. make sure you tag it on Ravelry as the creator of Shalimar likes to keep track of what her yarn has become!