Monday, May 28, 2012

What Kind of Knitter are You?

Think about the way that you plan and work your yarn projects.  Do you have half a dozen almost finished projects around the house, just waiting for you?  *never look in boxes, bags, or under chairs at my house*  If so, you’re probably a process knitter, less motivated by the goal of the finished object.
However, if you never have more than one or two things on the needles, and you always have a specific item in mind when you buy yarn, then you’re probably a project knitter. These people are also happy to make the same pattern many times, with little or no variation.
What about those of us that almost always have more than one thing at a time on needles BUT  always have a specific item in mind when yarn is purchased?  C'mon.. stretch your imagination here... the sock yarn you just bought? Hmm? Well... it's obviously for socks!  AND what about those of us that can make the same project over and over and most often with no variations. Hmm. We fit into both categories. 
I am not really a project knitter (stop laughing!); deadlines schmedlines. I do like to finish my projects but I can survive if it's not done by the second Tuesday of next week! But.. what about when I buy yarn specifically for a project and then hustle right home and start it?   ~Really. I do this... have done this! Honest!  I enjoy completing things (sometimes) and knit things for specific reasons. I love how my kid's face lights up when I force him into a sweater I knitted!
I also really fit into the process knitting category... I enjoy (okay.. LOVE) new yarn, new stitches, techniques and definitely the rhythm of creating stitches. 
If I had to pick just one box to put myself in, it would have to be process knitter.   Obviously, it's more me. I do have some things about me that fit into the other box, but I'm trying to be honest here!  I'm definitely more of a process kind of girl!  Wallowing in yarn and stitches, and the rhythm of knitting thrills me endlessly! I can't think of a better way to spend an hour day! Sometimes it's more of the process - the actual knitting and the yarn that thrill me way more than getting something finished. I think that if I was on a deadline I would probably just not do it. Yikes.
I like yarn. I admit it. I'm addicted. I obviously have a problem, but put that aside will you? I buy it with some sort of goal in mind. Usually.  Mostly. Okay, sometimes. I know, I know... I just bought a skein of hand painted yarn because it was pretty. Just the other day. Shh.. don't tell Big. But honestly, I don't go around buying yarn (quit laughing) just because. It's always mostly bought for a reason... one of those.. "oh! Wouldn't this make a great [whatever] for so & so?" AND I have the best intentions when I purchase said yarn. I DO! So stop laughing!  I also can sit for hours with some needles and yarn and just play... trying new stitches, a new cast on and never even knit anything. I guess I'm both a process and a project knitter, but probably (really?) more of the process kind.
What kind are you?

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