Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes I'm so Smart....

and sometimes I'm not. Just wish I would have thought of this about three hours and two rip-outs ago. Grrrrr.
When I cast on a new project, I usually always (usually) add markers every 20 stitches or so. Just so that way I have an easier way of counting when I'm casting on large amounts. This hat I'm making calls for 140 stitches to be cast on so what do I do? Don't add markers. I thought I could just whip it out and not worry. Um yeah.... that was one rip-out, do-over aggravating moment. I did however add stitch markers the next time I cast on. Yay! See? I'm not beyond teaching myself something new!
The pattern next has me ribbing. Knit, purl, knit and purl all the way around. Easy enough right? Yeah....that's what I thought too. It's a different sequence than what I just finished......... I just made the neck warmer using K2, P2 ribbing over 180 stitches so I started out doing what I was supposed to do ~which is K3, P2 but then somewhere along the way I flipped back to the K2, P2. AND I took out those handy little stitch markers along the way.  Which was my second & biggest mistake.
I'm knitting along, knitting some, purling some and thinking I'm doing great.... then I get to the end and I end up on a knit and knot a purl. Oh crap! I did something wrong. Crap, crap, crap!
I had to pull it all out..... rip out number two.
This time when I cast on.... I added the stitch markers every 20 stitches and then when I began my ribbing... I LEFT THEM! Woohoo! Now as I'm knitting and purling (trying really hard to pay attention to the pattern...) I can keep track of where I am and IF (as if) I make a mistake.... I only have to undo a few stitches! Yay!
So far so good.......... I've only gotten a few rows done but I'm in pattern and I'm not twisted.... well.... my hat isn't!
I'm leaving the markers in at every 20 stitches. This way IF I mess up I have reference points and won't have to undo the whole flippin' thing!

I marked the beginning of the round with a different marker than all the rest... thinking ahead this time!

This is what I'm shooting for!

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